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June 18, 2010 (Later): All today, I've fixed all of the problems with this site's page designs and character profiles, and bought that issue. IT IS GOOD AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT. Anyways, the site has never been better, and more will be coming soon.
June 18, 2010: Well, it's exactly 13 months since I last updated this place, meaning it'll be May 2011 when the next update comes.
Seriously though, I haven't been giving this place the attention it deserves. I seem to think of this site as an unruly and cluttered room; I know I need to go in there and clean everything up, but I get embarassed each time I go in. This time, no. I'm actually going to make this a good site.
I'm going to buy the new Darkwing Duck comic and review it here. I thumbed through it at the store to assure it wasn't something horrible like those "Astro Boy: Underground" comics that came out before the movie, and they...weren't. They were amazing and I'm excited as hell to buy it this afternoon.
In short, I'm actually going to work on this site more, and bring it up to the standard of quality I put my Assemble Insert shrine in, and Toontown in, and every site I have in.
July 15, 2009: OH MY LORD, how could I forget this page for A YEAR?
To tell the truth, my interest in Darkwing Duck has waned, and while I still love the show, this site won't be updated for a very long while. If you guys have anything to contribute, I'll try to put it up. (Send me! ) But the problem is that Tripod will be making its users upgrade to servers on Webon, which may result in a domain name change. There are so many people linking to this site and/or the content on it, that it'll be best if I leave it here. Toontown will be moving, though, since that's consistently been in my interest.
Did you know I started this site when I was 12? Hard to believe, at least for me. I'm only 16 now...
But still, thank you guys for visiting all these years!
June 10, 2008: Guess who I found in a Toonie Bag at Value Village...Bushroot! Only downside was that the poor lad was in a bag with a whole load of crap (some cars, half of a Jimmy Neutron spinner, a Butt-Ugly Martian...). Even I should make a merchandise page! Not to brag, of course, just to showcase what kind of Darkwing stuff is available. I'll volunteer my own collection, as well as try to find pictures on the internet for the stuff I don't own.
Right now, there's a little girl on YTV who's bloody yodelling. And Joyce just plugged the girl's CD! Ten songs of a prepubescent girl yodelling, folks! Isn't it a deal?
January 27, 2008: Crap, I've gotta update Nack Chronicles sometime. Anyway, I changed the Toontown link image, and found out that Kim McFarland commented in the guestbook and confirmed my 2006 suspicion of Essobee's name. Which is cool.
January 3, 2008: Today, a MiST of a rare Gonterman story goes up!
December 31, 2007: On the last day of the year, I added some more to "Nack Chronicles" and a page for all the old updates with their magnificently horrific writing. I've got to get that MiST done...
December 28, 2007: Hi, guys! I just put up my newest fiction - it's part of my thing "Rouge's Story" and this chapter has Nack the Weasel in it. I took down the Episodes page, simply because it's so outdated and full of bad numbering & formatting. I did randomly add some Osamu Tezuka links to the link page. Also, please don't support a new cartoon called "Dino Squad", about five teenagers who turn into dinosaurs. They stole my old idea about four children who turn into animals...I've seen the Dino Squad website, however, and it looks like my series is more mutlifarious!
December 22, 2007: Christmas is coming! I've put up a hotlinking page (which basically warns one what happens if they hotlink...trust me), and a little button on the front page. It's another Tenma picture (I'll change the Toontown gateway to a Bucky O'Hare comic panel), but he's my favorite Tezuka character. Followed by Sapphire, Astro/Atom, Michi, Shunsaku Ban, Tamami, Tick & Tuck, Rock...
Stuff I want for Christmas: a Bakugan, DuckTales vl. 3, Darkwing Duck vl. 2, anything with Astro Boy, these Megaman.Exe and Protoman.Exe figures I saw at a local shop, or a CD of The Spoons.
November 22-23, 2007: Changed the site title a bit. Also added an Astro Boy fic...a very bizarre one based on a dream. While you're here, look at this comment I found on a Samurai Pizza Cats video:
12 17 P05518LE 70 ge7 7Eh w0rD2 7R4N5L47ED? 0r 12 17 7Eh 54me Lyr1C2 42 7eh 4MER1c4N V1R510n?
November 17, 2007: WE'VE BEEN AROUND FOR TWO YEARS NOW! So, today I put up a new MiST featuring the Lunar gang. (I should put up pictures...) Have a good weekend!
October 2, 2007: Sounds on and off. I've put up several new MiSTs [featuring the dodging one of Gonterman] on the Fan Works page.
September 20, 2007: Good evening, folks! I'm going to rewrite the profiles soon, but I've just entered High School and may not have time with my science and gym from hell. Keep looking for updates!
May 1, 2007: WOO! Nine months! I have to desperately rewrite this place, but I'll be entering high school in a matter of months and I'm working heavily on my two webcomics. However, I did put up a MiSTing of my first and crappiest DW fan fiction, starring three of my characters in a Jen White style MiST. Enjoy.

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