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"Dr. Rabbit's World Tour": Today we explore a convoluted 1998 cartoon about a purple rabbit who abducts children and teaches them the meaning of Colgate product placement!
"Magic User's Club, Part One": Today we look into a unique, colourful yet perverted anime about a girl named Sae with funny hair who wants to be a witch!
"Magic User's Club, Part Two": In our conclusion, Sae and the gang run into aliens and Takeo gets some freaky ideas! Includes comparison that will make sense to few.
"Robotboy Review - Robotgirl": Seriously, readers! This cartoon is worse than DinoSquad...and this episode is merely its GOOD side! Watch in wonder as this cartoon plagiarizes several others at once!
"The Women of M.A.D.": That's right, kids! Dr. Claw actually had women on his team, many of them a nice change of pace from the usual grunts! Click to see all...uh, eight of them...
"Sharky & George": A review of one episode from the hard-to-find 1992 cartoon! I bet you've never even heard of it!
"The Most Traumatizing Childhood Cartoon Moments": A video-filled walkthrough of the top ten freakiest cartoon pieces from my childhood, selections from Disney, Britain and Canada! It's all across the board!
"Childhood Trauma With Hexxus": Various circumstances lead me to rediscover one movie character who may have terrified me so greatly as a child that I forgot him for over ten years...also with videos!
"Five Disturbing Things In Your Childhood Animes": Did you ever watch Cardcaptors or Pokemon as a kid? Well, get ready to find out what was edited out of the English version, along with video clips!
"Happy Birthday, Skunk Kusai": Despite being four days late, Toontown brings you a tribute page to the possible best villain of the 80's Astro Boy series! And he's not what you'd expect!
"Kenji Murasame's 5 Greatest Moments": Today we look back on five of the most stunning things this little-known character has done, including a psychotic one-man gunwar and crossdressing!
"Blues Brothers 2000 Is The Worst Movie Ever": A short opinion piece on a movie that debuted when I was five years old, and nearly ruined Jake and Elwood for me.
"Skunk Kusai Of The 2003 Series": As a follow-up to the previous article, we go through all five episodes featuring Skunk's prettier counterpart...and the only target is that Sony Entertainment is a jerk.
"Eight Bad Canadian Cartoons I Watched As A Child": I lived in the nineties, and as a result, saw several of the world's worst and best cartoons. Now it's time to linger on what Canada (mostly Quebec) has done against humanity's televisions!
"Fauna Goes To Planet 51": It wasn't good, but in time for its upcoming DVD elease, I'll tell you why to avoid it, using cohesive language and evidence!
"Monster By Mistake: Childhood Rage": Read on about the remnants of a Canadian TV show Fauna truly despised as a child! Includes a bonus walkthrough-beatdown of the show's official website!
"Eighteen Serious Questions Raised By Giant Robo": Today we take a look into the classic 1993 OVA series, and dig through eighteen of the many possible questions to ask! Contains spoilers!
"Let's Watch Yo Yogi": Yogi and friends somehow become teenagers and solve "mysteries". Does the title even sound like it's going to attempt to be passable?
"Eighteen Serious Questions Raised By The Tetsujin 28 Movie": Yes, another in the 18Q series! But this time, we're looking at a weird, weird Imagawa-run spinoff!
"Guinea Pig: Mermaid In A Manhole": Toontown crosses all boundaries today and decides to review one of Japan's most reviled underground films. Get some medicine ready, lest your diseased mermaid turn out like this!
"Eighteen Serious Questions Raised By The Ginrei Specials": It took us long enough to touch on the Specials! There's never quite a way to introduce the madness - not the good kind - of these things, but we can try!
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