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"Midtown Mall": A light-hearted documentation of a past mall trip, taken from a chapter of DW's Blog!
"Dollar-Store Sailor Moon Stickers": Our trips to the local crappery shop pay off with a knock-off so good, it could pass as real merchandise! Plus, a contest!
"When Fauna Goes Out": After getting too preoccupied in reality to make a new article, we decide to show you as many strange things around Fauna's hometown! It's a two-page!
"The Robosaur Yoyo": The dollar store has brought us another bizarre item, and we bring it to you through a brief review and video! Sure, the toy is crap, but what about the mascot on the package...?
"Toy Review - Athena Asamiya": Today, we bring you a figure of a King of Fighters character, with complete pictures and product info! Included is bonus info on Athena's "extra detail"...
"Toy Review: Astro Boy Gashapon": Another toy review! Today we go through a  complete set of semi-rare mini-fgures, and show you which ones are worth it!
"Toy Review - Gundam Seed Girls": Today, we'll see gashapons of two of the Gundam Seed girls, along with some bizarre rare candy!
"Toy Review: How To Train Your Dragon 3" Figures": This time, we purchase Hiccup! Despite some obvious flaws, he makes a great kids' toy!
"Mint In Package #1 - The Lupin Show": In our first photo comic, Lupin the Third attempts to settle in with the neighborhood, befriending Astro Boy and almost getting stabbed by Rei Ayanami!
"The 2011 Toontown Advent Calendar": One new episode every day, from December 1st-25th! Check back often!

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