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Would anyone happen to remember a certain adult book I discovered and wrote about here when I was fourteen, called The Periwinkle Assault, and the following saga to find the remaining books? Thanks to a British eBay merchant, I've gotten a copy of the first book in the series! But I also acquired nformation that the entire second half of the "Broken Sabre Quartet" was never published. I'm probably the only person who'd read this page and be disappointed, but still...why, Mr. Dennis? And, I sent you an inquiring fan letter last fall, which you ignored! Is Pepper actually Freki? Does J.J. see her again, or at least get back to Canada? I MUST KNOW!
Aside, the British edition has a ridiculous, bold-lettered cover design, with some guy grinning at you, sitting on barbed wire, with a handful of playing cards and a toy soldier on a string. The Canadian print had a calmer one that matched The Periwinkle Assault's, being that it was beige with a little insert image of J.J panicking in a plane. But I only have the British version. Before lending it to my friend, I warned her, "I warn you, this book has a retarded cover." She said, "Oh, most good books have bad covers!" I showed her the book.

She hesitated. "Wow, that is a retarded cover."
The only real qualm I have with it is A) that dude looks like a drunken elf, and B) is that J.J.? Because J.J. is described as being a strapping blonde guy, not a drunken elf. But anyways, let's move on to the book's interior.
The book opens with an unexpectedly-serious chapter that introduces J.J.'s childhood. It turns out that his father was a World War I pilot that suffered trauma from seeing his friend's plane crash, and he moved on to run the town's only convenience store. His high prices led to the unpopularity of the whole family, while J.J. seemed pretty out of it. When he's older and the draft is called, J.J. flees to Montreal to avoid it. He works for a Mafia don named Gino, waiting on tables in his restaurant, and even helping design the place. And then a rival gang throws a bomb into the restaurtant, leading to Gino making J.J. avenge him. J.J. decides to go back to Newfoundland and give into the draft, just after giving his Quebecois girlfriend a goodbye.
While this seems insane and lengthy, this is before the book even really starts.
J.J. almost gets into the Royal Air Force, but falls into some trouble after the British think he's a Scottish criminal, since J.J.'s real initials are J.A., and they think that's an assumed name. J.J. is subsequently moved into a segment of the Air Force that drops flyers over France. Unfortunately, he's with a lunatic man who keeps bringing bombs on the plane. His intention is to hijack the flyer plane and bomb Germany. Nobody listens to J.J. but the aged Peregrine, or "Perry", whom immediately becomes J.J.'s best friend. Perry had

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