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Happy Birthday, Skipper the Robot Kid

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Fine, I know he doesn't exist

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This Saturday, one of my best characters turned two. (Albeit the fact that he is designed to be eight.) It's Skipper, the partially-robotic child, who was born in late November 2005.


I'm unsure as to exactly which day he was born on, since I did not label my pictures back then, but I'm guessing it was in the late month.

It's embarrassing, but yes, if you watch Duck Dodgers and see the episode "The Menace of Maninsuit", you'll see the inspiration for Skipper. When I was twelve, I was in the habit of sampling things and morphing them into my own. That's how I got the crime duo Pinhead and Birdbrain. (I draw them so much, I've forgotten about the public-domain cartoon!) But this time, the boy robot, "Rikki", was a deliberate parody of...

He knows he's cute.

Yeah.The parody and the copying has made me a little paranoid about people comparing Skipper and Astro.

If you look at the scan, you'll notice that I designed the series so that a little boy was hit by a car and killed. A science board proposed to make him into a robot, and that's how Skipper was made. In almost every way, this is a clone of Astro Boy.
I did not, and still do not, like the subject of death, so Skipper was forgotten while I worked on the more prosperous Westbury Detectives. (I've got scripts and final designs made out. You'll see it in 2009 or 2010) In April 2006, I decided to bring Skip back, first by giving him some friends. They later morphed into this. Still, nobody looks right. The rabbit turned into Bunny2000 (see the site banner), "Mr. Doctor" was slated to be a nice guy who made Robby & A.M.Y., disappeared and turned into a Robotnik-esque villain. As well, A.M.Y. was not Robby's sister, but a romantic counterpart! What do I think? I can't say; I can't stop screaming.
I decided to not change the title. "Skipper the Robot Kid", albeit he isn't a full robot, is quite original to me. Here's his official story:
One day, a little boy named Skipper was working with his siblings at a restaurant. When the three were about to go home, a car did not stop for them and hit Skipper. Upon admittance at the hospital, his father Merlin was told that Skipper would need some temporary robotic implants in order to stay alive. Merlin accepted. Skipper got his operation, along with a removable suit of armour. A few days later, he met the first boy robot Robby in a park shed. He helped Robby adjust to modern times and get his little sister A.M.I., and the three have begun to fight against an evil businessman who may have killed Robby & A.M.I.'s creators.
Some decent changes morphed Robby & A.M.Y. (now A.M.I.) into siblings. "Father" stopped being a loose authority figure and became Merlin. Father did nothing other than walk around the house and go to work. In an original script, his only lines in a whole episode were "Who is he?" and "That's nice." Then he leaves.
Skip was ready to be drawn, but at the time, I only wanted STRK to be a TV show. In the plus side, this left lots of room for development. Skip became shyer and gained a breakable ego. Robby's still the same, though having acquired some more emotions and a "dancing retina". A.M.I. is the same, too, yet with more powers and much cuter. This was by August 2006, when the crap begun to hit the fan.
The first Unnecessary Character was Kiya. She was based off a plastic anime bag I bought from a Dollar Store - she had black hair in two short pigtails, a green dress with an orange ribbon. She was a ditz, and Skipper's biggest fan and love interest. I notice now that her name mirrors the obnoxious anime girl scream "KIYAAAAH!" She existed twelve days before being shut down. Later, she was replaced by Desi. Other characters that joined the group were:
  • Lana - Punky tomboy who disguised herself. Was close to Skip, and could have filled the love interest role if Desi didn't exist. The one UN that I still like.
  • Marc - Shadow the Hedgehog as a kid. Liked Lana. Later adapted Robby's personality and  became the star of Feather and Fur.
  • Ayumi, Corinne & Bunni - Trisha's stereotypical friends. Ayumi was a redheaded jock (who names an American "Ayumi"? Oh, right), Corinne was African-American, and Bunni was airy and obsessed with rabbits.
  • Kauri & Bones - Just imagine Nack the Weasel & Big the Cat as kids.
  • Canelle - RRE agent, basically Booberella.
  • Kaen - Mr. Tuatara's (Skip's boss) nephew. Kaen appears in the first two pages of the comic, nowhere else.
  • A.R.T. - A robot baby, adopted by Lana's family.
  • Ricia - Rouge the Bat as a kid. Became Marc's antagonist in Feather and Fur.
  • Optima - The guardian of heroism and dreams. Oh, she's still around, you'll see...
  • Mr. RE - A dumpy man who ran RRE. Later replaced by the more fitting, developed Xavier Marse. Mr. RE became Marc's boss in Feather and Fur
  • "Jonma" - He had no name. This was basically Dr. Tenma, but with red hair and no beard. Later became Jonathon Lewis.
  • Rockett - Ripped from a 1996 Jetset ad. I have only one old drawing of her, the other was a crappy one-page comic that was destroyed in a bonfire. She was a mysterious girl robot, later replaced by Tanzanite.

As you can tell, all these characters clogged the spotlight until I screamed "THAT'S ENOUGH!" and they all disappeared. And in late September, the comic began running on Fantastic Random Comics, with a small-yet generally positive reply. In December, I moved Skipper to his own domain.

Everyone say AWWWW

(Did you know, that until the very moment I begun drawing him, Robby had goggles on top of his helmet?)
Up there is my current style of Skipper and Robby Phillips. Not pictured are their adult counterparts, Jonathon and Xavier.
Skipper is two now, and in a few months, his entire series will have finished. (Now out of ideas on how to end this toast...) Skip is my first full-length comic series, and the first hero I've had to draw 2,000 times. I am quite satisfied with the little guy, so it'll be a little hard so see him go (next stop, LUNAR RABBIT!). For a record, see below to see which characters will be taking on further roles.

Of course, there certainly will be more...

P.S.: Skipper was based on my real-life brother, Sam. As I type, He is nine years old.

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