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"Dr. Jake Eel and Mr. Crab" - Part Two

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So, what's Dr. Jake doing in Sharky & George's office? What will happen to all the mutating citizens?

I was THIIIIS close to making a joke about having crabs.

Well, Jake starts weeping that it's his fault, and before he can say his name or say what the formula is, a wave of it hits him and turns him into Mr. Crab, a mean-ass crab with a blue colour co-ordination. Sharky and George freak out, Mr. Crab chases them around the room, then transforms back into the normal weakly eel. He does explain that the formula, as we have found out, can change a creature's shape and size for a small amount of time. We then pan over to a nearby bank...

HARRY: ...

...Where the gang has transformed again. All of a sudden they transform back, the bank teller gets cheesed and presses the alarm button. At the detective office, Harry bursts in and yells that there's a new robbery. Sharky, graceful creature that he is, swims into the door. Then they're off.
The boys meet the gang in front of the bank, where Boss is about to take another drink of the formula and fight Sharky. Fatty wants more of the formula and tries to pull the bottle out of Boss's hand. This results in spilling the formula around the gang, and they each turn into...

Yep, it's ''The Racoons'' all over again.

..."Super Duper Scotia", "Lumps" and "Super Noba".
I'd like to point out that Noba actually spoke in this scene. He sounds Mexican.
So, they're not exactly the most dignified names a group of mobsters would use, but this is a kid's show. Sharky and George transform too, and they become...

Bloody hell.

DOUBLE HUH. It gets worse when they say they have "fin lasers", George can heat up and Sharky can make his robot arms shoot off like that old super hero Split. A "battle" ensues (hear that crackling? THAT'S ME CHILDHOOD ON FIRE.), the boys are losing, then Jake turns back into Mr. Crab and beats the gang up. Then some footage of Boss is reused, Noba is on the roof of the bank and he throws a rock at the rest of the gang, then they fly up and pound on him.

Do George and Sharky fly up and fight them, now that they could win? No, Mr. Crab tells them to sit the hell down, because the formula is wearing off. And it does, sending the gang crashing to the ground. Wait, shouldn't they drift off, considering they're in water...? With them knocked out, Jake begins to wonder where his assistant is.

Actually, he's getting a handjob in the second pic.

Why,would you believe it, he's STILL dancing! He and the femfish are dancing in the empty, slightly darkened bar. It's been an hour and-a-half in real time since we've last seen them, and Humpy hurries things along by asking "How about going back to MY place?" And he's got this tone of voice that is SO CLEARLY hinting at IT. But then he transforms back...


...And so does the femfish, and she turns out to be a hunchback like him. The two are content with that.
So we cut back to Sharky and George walking up the lane to Dr. Jake's house. Apparently they were invited over for dinner. Sharky is uneasy, but George is willing and trying to ease him into it. He almost succeeds, when Humpy opens the door, giddily dancing and singing. I think that means he got laid.


Eeeexactly, lads.
So, How has the cartoon held up in my memory, now that I've refreshed it?
Well, it's middle-of-the-road. Sharky & George are exactly as I remember them, and that's wonderful. But some of it is...lamer than I remembered. I suppose this is because I'm fifteen now, not three, and my tastes have matured. Or maybe this episode just isn't one of the show's best. Sometimes it's a little hard to understand what the characters are saying, because of weird accents (I just caught that Boss's voice actor also voiced the principal in What's With Andy, long before he got all overused). The actual animation often goes between rubbery and choppy, but the facial expressions are wild. With each downside, there's an up. My attitude towards this show has not changed.
How greatly I've missed you, Sharky and George.
OH! Now I remember, the city is named Seacago. Hit my right up the head, it did!
Anyhow, the full episode is here. It's fun to note that the video's randomized YouTube URL contains the line "YawwecDuk". AND IT'S THE ONLY EPISODE AVAILABLE ONLINE, SO EAT IT UP.

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