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Sharky and George - "Dr. Jake Eel and Mr. Crab"

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Nowadays, the word 'slash' comes to mind.

It's time to touch upon one of my childhood favorites, a bizarre little cartoon named Sharky and George. It was originally a French cartoon, but dubbed into English, broadcast everywhere but America and put on four tapes. Instead of sucking like many French cartoons (like Sonic Underground or What's With Andy), it actually turned out pretty damn cool. But I haven't seen it in over ten years, and I'm about to today.
While it seems only I, thirty people on the internet, my parents and CineGroupe know that this show exists, I have vivid and warm memories of the show. There were 52 episodes about Sharky, the detective and George, his sidekick. They lived in the ocean and solved mysteries, and there was a fish mafia. It's like SpongeBob, but with no burping humour! And with a snappy theme song that will slowly weasel into your brain!
And, here we go...
Will I be ostracized for saying Jake is kinda cute?
We open with George's voice (sounds just like I remember him, except a cross between Spy Fox and Inspector Gadget) navigating us towards "a concentration of undersea laboratories", each of them having a small explosion, except for at Dr. Jake Eel's house. Jake is the only researcher in that block who really knows what he's doing. He puts a drop of liquid into a beaker, it fizzes, and Jake exclaims "Yes! That's it! The fuzzy pink cloud!"
Okay, so the bloke may not know fully what he's doing, but it's working. He exclaims "I hold the fate of the world at the tip of my fins!"
While he fiddles around, his hunchback assistant Humpy (I half-expected "Igor") watches him through a keyhole. Jake, pleased with the finished formula, puts the beaker up and retires to bed. Humpy sneaks in and grabs the beaker. Oh, then it fades off to show the title screen, narrated by good ol' George.
We're back. Humpy has the beaker and exclaims "Fate of the world, huh? This I gotta see!" before knocking back a swig of the formula. What I find funny is that Jake never said it was to be consumed orally, so it could be some kind of super acid or The Ooze. Oh well, Humpy's eyes flash and he transforms into a tall, hunch-less, sill unpleasant-looking fish. He yells that he's now a "wild and crazy guy! DOO-WOP! DOO-WOP!" while dancing out of the lab.
 Boss Scotia's Lonely Stereotypes Club Band
Meanwhile, three shady-looking fish are looking through the basement window. The fat one gets all excited about the formula, but Boss Fish goes "Noba, HIT 'IM!" and the tall skinny fish, Noba, smacks the fat one in the head. Boss has a plan, and pretty much says what the fat one said.
Allow me to totally destroy your childhood and point out that there was only one bed in the house.
A bubble cascade takes us to Sharky and George's offices. Apparently the boys were trying to solve a series of bank robberies, each in the middle of the day. Currently, their "work" is simply George idly tooling at the desk, and Sharky asleep in the other room. Somebody starts hammering on their door, and it's Harry the reporter fish. He starts freaking out about a new robbery. We cut to the mafia fish running out of the bank. Sharky and George jump out from the alley, scare them, and are instantly hit with the bags of money. A very quick chase ensues, but the gang is cornered. When Sharky and George run into the dead-end, but a group of shrimp leave. And the boys don't question them either! What the heck? And why does Noba look suspiciously effeminate as a shrimp? Yes, exactly!
What else I noticed about Noba is that he doesn't really say anything (grunts while hitting Fat One don't count), he just stands around, reminds me of Nack the Weasel and smacks the fat fish in the head. After the three evaded Sharky and George, there was this scene:
NOBA: [Hits fat one in the head]
FAT ONE: Aw, gee boss, what was that for?
BOSS: [Hits him again] To knock some sense into you!
Nnn, creativity begins to run dry with this kind of thing.


Meanwhile, Dr. Jake has just discovered that his formula, and his assistant, are missing. Back at the alley, each of the fish take another swig of the formula and return to normal. The fat one starts asking if he can drink more, because apparently the formula tastes good (I guess that's the only way we can tell it's not a super acid), but boss snaps at him. He drops the bottle and much of it spills out and gets into the water stream, but really, something that should have happened long ago because they're living in the friggin' ocean. Now the formula is flowing throughout town, and LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED! Dr. Jake looks for Humpy, but he's at a club, dancing with a female fish.

What's a bloody *elephant* doing in the ocean?

Sharky and George are beginning to notice more transformations of local fish. There's even a surprising bit where a drunken fish is asking his bartender for more beer (you can't really detect from his voice that he's supposed to be wasted), then turns into an elephant. The mayor even turns into a ghoulish...hippo...thing. The boys are clearly soiling themselves in fear, so they quickly get home. But who's there?
''Y'know lads, I have the whole thing on tape.''
Now that we're running out of space, it's time to go on to
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