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The Robosaur Yoyo

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I've mentioned my strange Dollar Store finds before, right? Well, upon another trip to a Great Canadian Dollar store brought me into contact with another strange toy. This was not the same store that sold me the Sailor Moon stickers, but a different outlet next to a Sobey's, a burrito restaurant and an erotic photographer's shop. Between all this was the dollar store, where I found...

This is certainly an eye-catching package. The package is lined with Chinese writing, a rainbow with "SUPER YOYO", and ROBOSAUR!
Most dollar store toy package makers try to blend about nine different characters together to try and subconciously get you to buy their product, and some people are sucked in, because that girl on the box saying "Enjoyable product of all delinquance!"* looks like a cross between Sayla Mass and Asuka Langley. But whoever made this package really put effort into creating Robosaur. Well, it is a good job, considering it to simply be a $1.00 item.
The actual yoyo, however, flatlines in the creative department. It's made out of a thin, hollow plastic common with dollar store toys. As I tested out - and as you'll soon see, too - only one side of the yoyo lights up. The yoyo is also manufactured as two seperate pieces, and they are poorly connected, so either half begins to loosen after one play session. And the yoyo image features a black-and-white lineart of Garurumon...

To look at it closely, you can see they didn't even try to make him look different. It's sort of like the case with the Sailor Moon stickers, except not truly worth the money, and people would be sort of embarrassed to buy it (or be seen with it in their possession).
"You spent $1.10 on a crap yoyo just to get a picture of a cyber dinosaur?"
"Y...yes. Yes, I did."
I also used to watch Digimon when I was six, but that's less embarrassing.
Right under Garuru is (C)2000 XIN LE XIN. I Googled this a long time ago, and I only found one close result, and that was for a Chinese processing plant. But having searched again, that result is gone. Obviously, I found out too much about them.
But enough of that, let's see the Robosaur Yoyo in action.
No, seriously.
Watch me!

NOTE: Max was going to stay for the whole video, but the camera wouldn't turn on. The whole time I was trying to get it to turn on, Max sat on that damn chair watching me, and when I finally begun the video, he ran off. And he was going to play with the yoyo string, like I'd planned through an earlier rehearsal.
Aside from that drawback, I hope you guys like the video - now with production values! I also hope none of you are pedophiles.
The Robosaur yoyo, in short, is not that great. Sure, it's funny to look at and Robosaur is kind of awesome, but there are much better things to buy at the dollar store.

*This character and quote was real. Asuka Mass (Asuka's face on Sayla's body!) was on the package of some flimsy ping-pong paddles, but I didn't buy it because at the time, I didn't like Mobile Suit Gundam or Neon Genesis Evangelion. Probably wasn't worth it, anyhow...
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