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When Fauna Goes Out, pt. 2

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My Saturday was spent downtown, split between a "Farmer's Market" and a trip to the bookstore. Of course, the Farmer's Market could be defined as little more than twenty food stalls and 3952 old people, but they had some kind of "Children's Discovery Program" going on. Of course, we had to "discover" for ourselves where the hell the damn thing was, and found it was just three activities and a creepy-ass puppet.


By turning the crank on that moon, the man's eyes and mouth moved around. Of course, if this was boring, you could go to the stuffed-toy clinic, spice-sniffing thingo or blow bubbles. I'm not damn-well kidding.
Then, I took a walk up to the book, comic and music store, so inadvertently named Tramps. Their logo is of a Charlie Chaplin-esque hobo, but they do happen to sell a large variety of porno and a few hentai tapes. Uh.

That building to the left was a department store, the wire thing to the right was the King George hotel, the parkade beside me was a cocaine bar.

This dismal scene is taken one block away from the Tramps in question. In the distance, a peaceful apartment scene, lined by trees. In the foreground, a rundown parkade, what used to be a Hudson's Bay shop, and a Harley-Davidson outlet store (not shown). Look along the electric cables, and you'll spot the discarded party streamer, which has been hanging for several weeks.Right now, I'm standing on the fine border where the city turns from an old-timey cheerful town into a tripehole filled with Native gangs and Giant Tiger outlets.

I doubt their work ethic, too.

Almost there. As you can see, there's a hearing clinic and a dentist together. The clinic has a clipart ear as a logo, which is cheap, but the dentist's is JUST A SEMICIRCLE. WHAT THE HELL. IS THAT SUPPOSED TO SYMBOLIZE A SMILE? Bastards.

Tomb Raider book not included.

Entering Tramps, there's two sets of stairs that take you either down to the music section, or up to the book section. For sale was a Motorace U.S.A. cabinet, maybe-or-maybe-not in working order, for only $600.

It's stuff like this that makes me feel good about my own drawings.

They have this rack of local comics, none of which looked decent. The one at the very bottom looked like something a twelve-year-old drew after watching Tokyo Mew Mew, the one above it looked like a Ralph Snart clone, and the yellow one starred a character called "Drunken Guy".

I hear it's really popular. Go figure.


OOH! Macross Plus! Who wants to sing "After in the Dark" with me?

There's one more episode tape and a movie, but they're cut off.

They had all these Neon Genesis Evangelion tapes, and I would definately check one out, but the store requires you being 17 to buy. Blockbuster pushes for 18, and Game-Traders at 16. That's right, our city has an age minimum on EVA (Zeta Gundam, too), because of all that wacky violence, sex, beer and homosexual innuendos. Plus, it would be a better deal just to buy the complete DVD set than blow $6 on individual tapes that cover only less than half the series or so.
Also, I happened to buy "Ambassador Magma" here, and it's kinda...weird. I'll be sure to review it soon enough. I think I bought it simply because it was a Tezuka product (made four years after his death, though) and I must have done it out of pure devotion. I had come to the shop that day to look for tape #2, because I heard Skunk Kusai cameoed as an alien. Ah, Skunk. In 1995, he terrified me. By 2007, he morphed into some kind of warped-yet-soothing older brother figure. Psychologists would adore me.


This looks like the lamest Nancy Drew book ever. What's a robot got to do with a poorly-manufactued railing? Did it smash into it on the way out of the lab?

Check out the, um, ''nads'' they gave Tochiro.

I've just started on Captain Harlock, and I found this American comic of him. It looks like the common thing in the eighties was to take a popular anime and make a comic of it, rather than simply translating the actual manga. Dig how they say "Japanese Animation" instead of "anime", or like they did when I was little, "Japanimation".
See that guy in the center?
That's Tochiro Oyama.

This comic makes him sad...no, wait, this scene was from when Emereldas got captured...

There's no proper way to realisticize Tochiro. He's always gotta be a toony little guy, with his big hat and cloak. It's not fair to remove his glasses and make him look like a muscled thirteen-year-old. I would have bought the comic to check if it really was Tochiro, but it was three whole dollars and I've made too many horrible mistakes with comics.

Tinier than usual!


Speaking of horrible, I found a different Harlock book in the 75 cent bin. Tochiro appeared only twice, Miime & Harlock for three pages. Harlock yelled "ARCADIA, HASSHIN" and left, then some characters I'd never seen before came out. There was a sword fight, some black guy in a muscle shirt drank some coffee and talked to this guy, then it was over.
Instead of buying the damn thing for Tochiro, I just took pictures of both his scenes.

Can you believe Tezuka based Tick and Tuck on these guys?

Before leaving, I found an old kid's series about Abbott and Costello. It looks like the old kiddy Looney Tunes comics that Gold Key pooped out a few decades back. In the above, the pair's car has a flat. Abbott is explaining that he took out the spare tire in the trunk so that he could fit all their luggage in. And meanwhile, Costello's gonna hit him. FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT? I GUESS SO. Seems like something I'd see as an Archie Digest cover gag.

Well, such ended my trip, as we had to get home for a crisis involving a misplaced, rented Pokemon game. All right, let's proceed to the next page, which is a short one, but contains a video of my family and I running around like maniacs.

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