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So recently, I've been too damn busy with life - working on Skipper the Robot Kid, trying to get excersize, visiting some places - to update the site and my webcomics. So, after stooping to posting a MiST by my friends and I, then leaving for two weeks, I might as well show you people what I've been doing all this time!
First off, let's see my trip to the mall...


You see this place? This is called Brodway Avenue, and I sat at the bus stop for a good twelve minutes before #6 appeared. After a brief ride where I discovered that I was the youngest person on the bus (Market Mall is next to a LOT of retirement condos), my camera and I arrived.

McDonalds Sell-Out Fun Time!

Look, Mindy! You can have your Barbies act out a normal day at the capitalist, environmentally-destructive, unhealthy restaurant! Dig how Theresa is using the drive-thru instead of walking in. In a short time, she'll end up like this bugger.
I found this crapette at "Hangers", which during my youth in the late 90's, was a haven of imported Pokemon and Sailor Moon toys. I actually got a three-pack of Pikachus (marvelling at the kanji on their backs) and some kind of wind-up toy in a strange Poke-ball.

So do mine, I have elbows. Eyelids, too.

Now look at what Hangers has to offer. Sad.
But the Great Canadian Dollar Store is usually packed with something to throw you into a 90's flashback. Here's a Sailor Moon knock-off...

A long, plastic tube with a rounded end and a handle. ALRIGHTY THEN.

...Which appears to be a modified dildo. When you press the buttons on the handle of the "wand", the penis wand lights up in five different patterns.

''Venus Vibrating Power!''

Look how happy Psuedo-Venus is! She truly is the Goddess of Love. GIGGETTY GOO!

To Each A Headband

This package looks like it came out of the ass end of 1988.


This dollar-store costume was going for the un-dollarey sum of $5.00. But I must ask...what the hell is it? It's supposed to be "Lil' Champ", encouraging your kids that pain is entertainment, but it's just a robe and two inflatable gloves. Less for your money, I guess.

Blossom, Bubbles and Peter

On closer inspection, I found these knock-off Spiderman stickers had a take on the Powerpuff Girls logo. Godspeed, Man Peter Parker Spider-Man!

Reminds me of on ''Baby Blues''...''Going-Outta-Business SALE...''

Ben Moss Jewelers can no longer come up with any good holidays for a summer sale.

The Baby of the Mountain Man

Oh, look. "Where Did I Come From?", another sex-ed program for the under-10 crowd. And guess who the narrator is.
HOWIE MANDELL. "Sperm or no sperm?"
The picture's bad, and I really I wish you could see the look on that dog's face. He's got an "Oh God, this is gonna be horrible" look going, like he's taken a couple shots of whiskey/transquelizer to get through the whole thing.


And here's my hand and more Sailor Moon stickers, getting home on the bus. Turns out I was on the wrong #6 (as there are two, which arrive pointing the same way), and I took an extra hour to get home. Thank you, shoddily-planned Saskatchewan Transit System! Rintindumb thanks you.
As well, here's the other stickers I mentioned in that review. These were some generic anime women, and two girls that seemed to come from Crayon Shin-Chan.


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