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A Guide To Yasuyuki Okamura

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In September 2010, I had just entered 12th grade, and I was okay for the most part. But by chance, I followed a link I'd saved that took me to a compilation of City Hunter opening and endings, and one of them stuck with me. It was enough for me to look up the original music video, and I found a strange but charming young man...the moment he whirled around at 2:48, I realized there was something in him that made me want to research him.

This man was Yasuyuki Okamura, Japan's number one singer-songwriter-producer. I really found myself thrown into a huge web of insanity when it came to this guy...he used to dress and squeak like Prince, he gets funky like Tetsuro Yamashita, and he likes being called "Okamura-chan" even though he's in his forties. He ran into drug problems for a few years, but as a latecomer, I only felt sad from the image of a sickly Yasuyuki. He's incredible, prolific, wild and bizarre, and thanks to his new albums, more people are finding out about him. You know, as opposed to my super nerdy way.

I own all his albums, a good deal of his singles on CD, his novel, a magazine interview, and a wealth of knowledge I've gotten from over a year of research and following him. I'm going to construct a timeline, because if there are other Yasuyuki fans, I want to share with them...

August 14, 1965: Yasuyuki Okamura is born in Kobe. I can't find a lot of information on his youth (and nor do I want to pry that far into his life), but due to his father's business, he moved throughout his childhood to places like Osaka, Tokyo and London.
1979: Gets into music at Niigata East High School. From there, he starts sending out demo tapes to music companies, even carrying them on his person in case.
1984: Debuts as a producer at age 19, working with Misato Watanabe.
December 1986: Performs at the TBS Broadcasting 35th Anniversary Rock Festival, with his original song "Out of Blue".
March 21, 1987: His debut album Yellow is released.
March 21, 1988: His second album DATE is released. Yes, it's written in all capitals.

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