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You may notice that a lot of singles are released on the 21st of each month, and I insist that Yasuyuki did this intentionally, rather than it being an editing error. As well, until Is It No Good?, all singles were released on record unless otherwise noted. This list is limited to CD and home video releases only.
December 1: Out of Blue single is released on LP
March 5: Check Out Love single is released on LP
March 21: Debut album Yellow is released on LP and CD
May 21: Young Oh! Oh! single is released on LP
July 21: Dog Days single is released on LP
February 1: Is It No Good? single is released on LP
February 26: Is It No Good? single is released on CD
March 21: DATE is released
April 21: Super Girl single is released
July 21: DATE In Short Pictures concert video is released
September 21: Bible single is released
November 2: I Love You single is released; song is tied into Honda's "New Today" commercial
March 21: LoveφSex DATE '88 concert video is released
April 21: Love Tambourine single is released
July 14: Yasuyuki album is released
December 15: Peach Show '89 concert video is released
December 21: Fake Friends single is released
February 21: Peach Time single is released
March 20: Peach: What Do You Want Me To Do hits theatres
March 21: Precocious compilation album is released
May 1: Peach: What Do You Want Me To Do is released on home video
June 21: Peach Time video single is released
July 21: Donachattendayo single is released
October 10: How Would Her Face Look If I Made That Longshoot single is released
November 1: Donachattendayo video single is released
November 16: Home Tutor album is released
December 1: Kahlua Milk single is released
July 1: Home Tutor '91 concert video is released
July 25: Tarzan Boy single is released
August 1: It's A Peachful World music video compilation is released
October 21: Parachute Girl single is released
September 22: Fancy Guerilla '92 concert video is released
October 21: Charm Point single is released
December 13: Forbidden Life album is released; Peach X'Mas single is released
November 21: Peach X'Mas II single is released
December 1: Shameless single is released
December 2: Peach X'Mas III single is released
November 20: Sex single is released
February 26: Sex is released on LP
April 19: Midnight Cycling single is released
June 21: SexeS single is released
March 28: Marshmallow Honeymoon single is released; Oh! Best compilation album is released
April 17: Anything Does Not Come True: Okamura Yasuyuki Tribute cover album is released
September 19: Yasuyuki Okamura x Takkyu Ishino's "Come Baby" single is released
December 3: Taiyo ni Hoero! The Remixes remix album is released
December 17: Yasuyuki Okamura x Takkyu Ishino's The Album is released
May 19: Mon Shiro is released as a single; Symposium: Fresh Boy Tour 2003 is released on DVD
July 28: Miracle Jump is released as a single, is also used as the ending theme to Fuji TV's HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP program
September 1: Me-imi album is released
March 16: Great Encyclopedia Of Yasuyuki Okamura gift set is released
March 30: Business album is released
September 5: Clearly Become Braver single is released
October 24: Me-imi Premium Edition album is released
May 7: Parachute Girl demo is released to Myspace
January 3: Yac01 demo is released to Myspace
August 24: Etiquette Pink and Purple albums are released
March 28: Live Etiquette 2011 is released on video

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