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The Yasuyuki Okamura Guide

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He's known as Japan's number one singer-songwriter-dancer-producer. He's famous for once being the Prince of Japan and for his 2011 regenesis. European fans know him for the ending theme of City Hunter season two. No matter what face you see of him, his name is still Yasuyuki Okamura.
While he's been performing in Japan since 1986 and he's slowly gaining notoriety in North America, Yasuyuki has never had a defined source of English information...until now. Over the next few months, we're going to present you with complete CD data, concert video information, a review of his movies, and links to every music video possible. Welcome to the unofficial Yasuyuki Okamura guide.

A Quick Biography

List of Singles, Albums and Videos

REVIEWS (coming soon)

  • Yellow (1987)
  • DATE (1988)
  • Yasuyuki (1989)
  • Precocious (1990)
  • Home Tutor (1990)
  • Forbidden Life (1995)
  • The Five Singles (1996-2001)
  • The Album (2003)
  • Mei-mi (2004)
  • Business (2005)
  • The Etiquettes (2011)


  • DATE In Short Pictures (1988)
  • DATE: Love & Sex 1988
  • Peach Show 1989
  • Peach Time (1990)
  • What Do You Want Me To Do (1990)
  • It's A Peachful World (1991)
  • Home Tutor 1991
  • Fancy Guerilla '92
  • Fresh Boy Symposium 2003
  • Me-imi 2004
  • Live Etiquette 2011

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