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"Why Ask Why": Listen, my computer isn't as advanced as I wish it could be, so I couldn't bring you "Defenders of Space." Here's some crap.
"Action Park": Our quest for the obscure brings us to a poorly maintained and thought-out amusement park in Vernon, New Jersey!
"Fangirls Killed My Brain": A mini-essay about weirdies I have seen or met. Contains a spoiler for the 2003 Astro Boy series!
"Meewasin Centre Adventure": Fauna visits a local "interprative museum", a former childhood favorite. She goes in search of the famed "Berry Bastard", but will she get one last picture? Read along to find out!
"A Letter to the Girl Who Submitted a Fan Fiction to a Writing Compilation Book": Filler article! As long as the title is, this letter is based on a real event that happened to me while I was editing a school book. If you want to read about a delusional girl's interest in Richard Ramirez, click away!
"Gino": Toontown comes to you with a more serious type of article, dealing with stereotypes, and the real life story of a family who had to move away because no one really knew what to do around an Italian.
"Fauna Goes To Evangelion 1.0": A slightly older piece about my trip to the long-awaited remake anime movie. While I did love the movie, this article digs in on the motley cast of hecklers I sat with...
"Five Internet Fetishes That Come From Childhood Cartoons": One day, Fauna begins to question other people's fetishes, and immerses herself in their culture. To insure she is the last person to do this, this article is here today. (Warning: This is sort of gross at times.)
"Five More Fetishes That Come From Childhood Cartoons": By far the hardest article for me to get through the research, we take a look at some even weirder fetishes! There may even be a stranger part three in the future!
"Another Five Fetishes That Come From Childhood Cartoons": Winding down the list of insane fetishes, we've got some weird, weird spin-offs for you! Stay tuned for mental collapse!
"Thirty Disturbing Sexy Halloween Costumes": With Halloween coming up, we've decided to go through an online shop's catalogue of costumes! Between the typical boob costumes are things that make you sort of question humanity's good taste!
"Yet Another Five Bizarre Fetish Articles": We're back, ladies and gentlemen! Today we dig into a group of fetishes you never thought could exists, no longer coming from cartoons, that are just plain weird and gross!
"A Serious Analysis of Giant Robo Episode Eight": If there's anything Fauna hates more than a cliffhanger, it's an in-your-face hoax! Tune in for a huge and rage-packed article, starring multipurpose tool The Rossman!
"A Serious Analysis of Ginrei: Anime Babe #3": Ah Rossman, you never fail to disappoint! He's back to Toontown, and he's not done with Giant Robo! God help us all!
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