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The Magic User's Club Manga!

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It's kinda sick how it took me a month to find just one picture of the fabled Magic User's Club (AKA Maho Tsukai Tai) manga, but only seconds of randomly Google the series title and discover an album full of MUC pictures. And the manga! THEY HAD THE MANGA!
For the conveinience of anyone buying, here's every picture I've found yet.

Volume one. Sae looks extremely different, and Jeff is behind her in human form. This here is a scan of both sides of the book, including a small picture of Takeo being attacked by Audrey. This cover, somehow, reminds me of the song "Always on My Mind" by The Petshop Boys.

The colour title page. I find it odd that Takeo isn't panicking about Aburatsubo touching him again. Above them is Nanaka, and to the side, Sae and her first meeting with Jeff.


The only panel I have, from #1. I think Sae just got her wand and joined the club.

Volume two. Akane's hair has gotten significantly longer, and Nanaka became the Tomboy Friend that became standard in 90's shojo manga.

Volume three. The blonde boy was apparently named Robert, and joined the club some time after Akane did.


A detail of the back cover's illustration.

In the fourth and final volume (which I still can't find a picture of), Ikuko Itoh - the woman who designed MUC's characters - put in a thank-you picture for the readers.

Here are the three volumes of the boy's manga.

For more MUC pictures, please see the album. There's no more manga pictures, but plenty of posters and book scans. Jinxyminx, THANK YOU!
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