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Magic User's Club, Part Two

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And, we're back! I'm not about to recap, so do see part one for more information on today's walkthrough.
So, who was on that broomstick?
Hey, it's Nanaka!
So, she flies past the group and straight towards the Bell, as to which Takeo yells that Nanaka must let go of the broom. She wearily does so, and Takeo successfully catches her...
...Ultimately flashing her bra by accident. In a panic, Takeo drops Nanaka again, but Aburatsubo goes out and gets her.
Setting aside how he looks like Tigerseye up there, allow me to point out that Nanaka does like Aburatsubo, and while in the OVA series their interaction ends as a warm yet awkward friendship, the TV series pretty much crams Aburatsubo into a canon pairing with her. That's almost sort of mean.
So, the broom has continued to drift and has gotten vaporized by an anonymous green beam. With that, a special breed of the aliens show up:
Four aliens fly up and surround the kids. Takeo instructs them to not move, to which almost everyone obeys. The aliens lift up their arms and shoot suspiciously phallic tentacles with cameras. They look around at the kids, but then head for some rather bizarre spots - Nanaka's chest and Sae's rear, to which Sae's not too happy about. Sae tries to not do anything, but Nanaka does a good job of swearing at and hitting the aliens. This antagonizes them, so they attempt to go up Sae's minidress and down Nanaka's sweater.
In short, Takeo has another fantasy. First one is where the aliens tear off the girls' clothes, he blows up the aliens and becomes a hero, the second almost the same but he gets hurt and the girls coddle him. Ugh.
The aliens soon find more interest in Sae's wand and a little bear charm on her broom. She grabs for her wand, the wand glows orange and crap happens.
The alien and its tentacles explode and disappear, as to which Sae is returned her wand and the bear "Jeffy". The other aliens, though, suck back their tentacles, Takeo yells "SCRAM!" and a chase ensues. Everybody begs Sae to "do that thing again!" but she doesn't know exactly how she blew up the alien.
On the water, a reporter named Minowa and his sidekick photographer are in a boat when they end up seeing the kids and the aliens. Back in the air, Takeo takes out some special card and opts to turn the alien into a toy doll, but an image of a scantilly-clad woman (somehow resembling Sailor Neptune) flashes in one frame. Now look:
I'm afraid, too. Then, the angry bikini-clad alien vaporizes Sae & Takeo's brooms, then captures Sae. The aliens are about to take her away when the remaining three chase after her. Takeo uses another card to turn one alien into a broom for Sae. She's not able to fly when the remaining aliens saw off half of Aburatsubo's broom (the straw part) so they're flying weirdly, too. Soon their broom is vaporized, and the kids land in the ocean. Sae, however, magically floats down to the reporter's boat.
As the aliens steal Takeo's hat and fly off, the new broom floats down to the water. Sae talks to the reporters, hiding her face and not saying much. Then, the other drenched kids arrive and pick Sae up.
Cue ending theme.
Well, see kids? It wasn't as bad as it could have been. There are five more episodes in this series, but I won't do any more for now (they're time consuming. It's the day after I published part one, 12:26 AM!). The M.U.C. has a tiny but devoted fanbase, and you can find fan media if you look hard enough. All for now!
Now, since Akane doesn't get the slightest role until the 3rd OVA episode, and since I like Phoenix & Astro Boy...
So, yeah. Tamami (the shape-shifting alien girl from the first volume of Phoenix and Astro Boy #34) looks like what we'd get if Osamu Tezuka made Akane.
I mean, really. Both girls are skilled with extreme powers, have silver-lavender hair, pale skin, a friendly yet airy personality...the more I find the creepier it gets. Even their shoes are the same.
P.S.: Tenchi (Tenchi Muyo) and Shun (Bakugan Battle Brawlers) have hair like Takeo
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