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Today, we're about to watch one of my favorite anime.
As you can tell by the title, it's called "Magic User's Club" or "Maho Tsuki Tai". There are two versions of the show, an OVA from 1996 and a TV series from 1999. Today we'll use the OVA series, as to not confuse anyone.

One day, a large metal cylinder, called the Bell, floated in from space. War planes, ships and satellites from all over tried shooting at the cylinder, yet to no avail. The Bell shot out some small metal cones, which blew up some of the planes. The Bell promptly landed in the middle of Tokyo Bay.
Cue intro.

That giant marble is an alien.
Anyway, a girl begins narrating, and informs us that The Bell and its aliens never hurt anyone unless they were attacked. Otherwise, the marbles just float around, minding their own business.

Here's Sae Sawanoguchi. (Subtitles claim she's a sophomore at Kitanoshi High School and is new to the Magic Club.) She is describing the Bell dilema in a picture diary, then vows to become the best magic user.
Why does her shirt say "Naruto" in girly text?

Up there are two school seniors. Takeo Takakura (glasses) is the club president, and Aburatsubo is the vice-president, whom would greatly enjoy getting in Takeo's pants.
So, the two are watching one of the marble aliens fly over the ocean. Aburatsubo makes a pass at Takeo, teasing him that he doesn't know what he's doing. Takeo promptly gets all weird. Soon, Sae shows up and Takeo gets even weirder. Sae is on a bike and is riding up to them, when a cat walks in front of her.

I shall treasure this image forever.
Anyway, Sae avoids the kitty but hits a crate, then she and the bike go flying. Takeo yells that Sae's got to use her magic and fly. Sae murmurs some spell, her wand (which looks like a todem pole bird) glows, she and the bike are surrounded by a bubble. Then the bubble breaks and Sae falls.

On Takeo. Her breasts on his crotch. The two freak out and apologize while Takeo turns bright red. Now, these frequent awkward moments between Takeo and Sae are one of the four reasons I won't let my little brother watch this with me.
Sae is especially sad that she failed to fly. She walks over to Takeo and begs, "Please, tell me what I did wrong!" However, Aburatsubo picks up Sae and moves her away from Takeo.
Then, Takeo yells "Turn around!" Sae does so and finds her bike is floating in a bubble. Technically, her flight spell worked!
Takeo: "I'm proud of you!" [Gives thumbs-up]
Abura: [Runs his hand up Takeo's chin] Cutie.
Takeo: [Freaking out] By the way, has anyone seen Nakatomi?!
Way to go, anime, for thinking everyone gay operates like a lusty magnet that attaches to skin.
Apparently, the other two members of the club can't come today...

Here we go. Above is Akane Aikawa, pretty much the Sailor Venus of the team. She's the blue girl. Akane is a freshman student, a part-time model, and has a bad memory. In this scene she has the scratching feeling that she's forgetting something...the magic club meet.
At the meet, Takeo claims that he cannot let Sae  go with the boys and chase the aliens, since only 3/5 club members showed up.
Sae gets into a speech that she's always been a klutz, and that she was excited to join the club so she, quoth Sae, "could be as great as you!" Takeo gets enthusiastic about this. Then Sae bows. "Please, please let me come with you!" While she is bowing, Takeo accidentally gets a good, long look at her cleavage.
And then he lets her join. Go figure.

Just as Sae and the boys are about to fly off, Nanaka Nakatomi shows up. And DAMN, is she annoying. She gets angry at Sae, since Sae apparently agreed not to come to the club meet. Nanaka threatens to not let Sae be her friend anymore, but Sae carries on. She says her flight spell and gets ready to fly, except she can't fly too steadily.

However, it works. Sae and the boys start flying over the bay, while Akane looks on from her car. "Wow, I didn't know they were serious..." is all she says.
Meanwhile, Nanaka is attempting to fly as well. Turns out she likes Aburatsubo and wants to follow him.
Back in the air, Sae complains "My butt hurts already..." and loses her control on her flight. Takeo urges her to "concentrate!" and Sae gets back in the air, albeit upside-down. However, Takeo gets an opportunity to gaze upon Sae's calves and butt.

Anyway, they reach the Bell when they hear a faint screaming behind them.
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