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Dollar Store Sailor Moon Stickers

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As we all know, the Sailor Moon anime has long died and been buried. There's no chance of it returning, since Toei's holding onto the rights like a hungry dog with a Grade-A steak. And some of us may still want to find merchandise of the great Moonie. But you've got to turn to second-hand stores, over-priced collection shops or the internet for what's left of Usagi's reign.
Or, you could just avidly search your dollar stores.
I wouldn't usually be serious about searching for good Moonie merch at your local Buck-Or-Two, Great Canadian Dollar Store, Great 88, Dollarama, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree or whatever the hell you call it in your hometown. But you see, sometimes the good minors in China produce something so wickedly insane that you've just gotta have it, like those famous Sailorbikes that were not only known for being the first and strangest knock-off toys, but you could look up their skirts.
Or, ahem, this kite I found a few weeks ago that bears MORE than a passing resemblance to Arale Norimaki of Dr. Slump.

Oh, just darling. Gatchan One has a piece of Mr. Poo again.

I know what I know.
I haven't found anything Moon-ish in nine years, not counting this thing called "MAGIC WAND" that looked like a glowing dildo, with an orange-haired Venus on the package. It IS funny, though, that she's holding the same magical-glowing-dildo-thing and smiling ecstatically. But that ain't much. It just ain't, man.
But this Saturday, I went to the mall and swung by the same dollar store, not looking for anything...until I found these.



To polish the deal up even further, these girls were not one dollar each...THEY WERE TWO FOR A DOLLAR. Usually, the two-for-a-dollar tag is given to an item that is small and sold in bulk (like little erasers) or something that just wouldn't be worth a dollar (at the store, most stickers were $1.00-$1.50, while those were name-brand, non-Chinese). While a Sailor Moon fan like me sees these as worth much more than fifty cents, they're not truly real. But you know what else I bought at this store for fifty cents, two-and-a-half years ago? An issue of Bucky O'Hare, #3. So let's raft down the river of joy and just buy it, then question it at home.
Let's describe these things...they come packaged in a shrink-wrapped plastic baggie that says FASHION SHOW STICKER, next to bizarre logo of a K and an S blended together. The stickers themselves are on transparent vinyl plastic, which is pretty darn conveinient, as you won't get extra white space all over the doll. As if they weren't even TRYING to hide who these girls were, their usual uniforms are included. Human Luna's moon dress, Wicked Lady's dress, even Saturn has her crystal on her bow. It may just be a rip-off, but it's a damn fine one.
There's only one confusing thing here; allow me to point out the character combinations. Luna and Wicked Lady? Moon and Saturn? I'd half-expect to see Usagi & Luna and Hotaru & Lady. Plus, Hotaru is clearly not twelve years-old anymore. I just realized that everybody's of legal age here. Creeeeepy.
The only thing they truly messed-up on was how Usagi's boots are purple and not red. Whatever.
Let's look at the back of the packages...


...There's Engrish, but nothing that would make you laugh. It's interesting that the example doll looks lile Sailor Mercury. Look how they warmly invite us to choose any "adornment" we like!
Now that I think of it, these stickers have got to be a few years old. Per se, they were created right during the Sailor Moon Era. These days, any image of the Sailor Moon girls features them with warped hairstyles/colours, recoloured dresses, and certainly no indication of their proper uniforms. These stickers are almost certainly from the 1990's! For more proof, the other stickers in the store that had the FASHION STICKER label were these girls that looked like they came out of Shin-Chan (which came out in 1991 or so). And then there were these generic, old-school anime girls. All the more, what I have is rare and cool.
I think I'll go a second pack and play with it.
If you live in Saskatchewan (Canada), love Sailor Moon and have a dollar store of from the chain "Great Canadian Dollar Store" in town, GO. CHECK. NOW.



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