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Freaky Mah Jong Games

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I don't know about you, but I've played Mah Jong a few times on MSN. It's a simple game, as long as you retained the kindergarten ability to match items. When I found out Japan had made several Mah Jong games with colourful anime girls, I headed over to MamEnd and checked out some pictures. As one can tell, these games are dirty. It's commonplace in certain Japanese games to have the player engaged in some kind of board/card game in order to see...nude pictures. They're pretty screwed up, the worst one being a Sailor Moon rip where a fake Usagi encouraged you to defile the rest of the senshi. However, Chibi-Usa was nowhere to be found. I guess there's no porn for characters under 12. (Thank Gawd...) I'll stick to the anime-only games; I don't want to stumble on real nudity.
Why am I bringing this bizarre subject up? Well, I have decided it is my duty to bring up the obscure and insane that no other site would. Plus, those DVDs still aren't working on the computer.
Now...let's see the oddities!

This one, I'm estimating, involves some kind of war where you have to win Mah Jong games in order for army girls to strip, so you can stop the enemy. Yeah, I'm not sure. Up there is the main character with his Roll-esque girlfriend.

This girl looked like Alice from Bakugan Battle Brawlers when she took off her hat. (I couldn't show THAT picture because she had no pants.)

All I could tell about this one was that the above girl was hiding from a fat scientist and some gnome men who appeared to be abducting girls and staring at their bodies. The best thing to do is to just drag the internet window far enough into the corner of your monitor's screen, and scroll until you think there's a break in the perviness.

This one is strange. Sparky up there, who looks like he's from "Maison Ikkoku", is walking in the forest when he sees a large upright coffin. He opens the door and gets sucked into another dimension where he meets a crazy rabbit woman who gets him to play Mah Jong. Each time he wins, he receives a picture of a barely-clad warrior woman. Just keep scrolling.

Once you're done, a purple-haired girl appears, only in headshot, and tells you something. Then she's shown with Sparky and the game ends. I dunno, maybe she's his girlfriend and she's happy he didn't give into the warrior women? Ah, at least Sparky got a nice girl.
Now it's time for the absolute worst one...


Somewhere, Naoko Takeuchi is weeping. First thing, NO, this isn't the game I mentioned at the beginning of the article. (THAT one had NO PG images available.) Sailor Wars features a complete clone of the Inner Senshi. As you played, each girls' clothing would shred off, the girls actually friggin' crying while their clothing was removed - the "corner window" viewing technique comes in handy at this moment. Despite being pretty screwed up, from what little I saw, the credits feature two amusing images of a giddy Artemis-like cat and Mars as a dominatrix.
But that's not all - in Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 2, for example, you played as either Good or Evil, and each time Evil won, the girl would be violated in some way. Almost an allusion to giving into your twisted side. In 2/3 of all Japanese Mah Jong games, the player goes to jail or is punished for attacking the girls. That's right, Jimmy...you may have won, but you will always lose.
The shit I have to read through just to amuse you people.

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