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The Women of M.A.D.

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I've been watching Inspector Gadget since I was three. At that age, each episode was exciting, even though now I can smell a recycled plot ten miles away. But let's get to something - Penny was pretty much the only female on the show who continued to come back each episode. This factor kinda sucks if you're a three year-old girl.
But Dr. Claw, tired of having dozens of male M.A.D. agents that all looked the same, wisely hired himself a few women. There are no more than ten women working for M.A.D., but I'm going to try and put them all up here...
Well, the ones of the FIRST season. Damn, Capeman was awful.

#1-40: "King Wrong"
In an eerily Middle Eastern country of Pianostan, a king that looks just like Gadget is always supposed to be miserable in front of his public. Labella, the king's "consort", was making him too giddy, which meant he was to be killed. Labella was helping M.A.D. jail the king, lure Gadget to the country and get Gadget kacked by the locals. She was last seen getting into Dr. Claw's car before leaving the country, thus depressing the king and pacifying the natives.

Amazon Annie
#1-5: "The Amazon"
The first M.A.D. woman! Annie here pretended to be the leader of an Amazon tribe, which was composed of paste-white, stubby male agents. They planned to get Gadget for the typical "boiling stew pot" plot. She looked the part of an amazon tribal woman with dark brown hair and tanned skin, but freaked me out with her wedge-cut and Michael Jackson nose. Gadget inevitably pulled a Tex Avery when looking at her, and continued to do so until the end of the episode.

#1-6: "Health Spa"
Madame here looks a crapload like Annie, but with a parrot nose. Perhaps Madame and Annie are sisters, or the same person if she got her nose back. Hey wait, MADame? Anyway, she wore a Cruella Deville outift (complete with leather gloves) while "working" in the spa and gym, which I found really weird. What's with the torture chamber in the spa's basement?
Lana Lamour
#1-13: "Movie Set"
Lana was an actress who started working with M.A.D. to get military secrets, and was an indefinite sex object. The only regular males on the show that didn't go batshit over her were Dr. Claw and Brain. Sent to watch her, Gadget became infatuated with Lana and made a point of pulling Tex Avery faces, making letcherous advances and staring at her body, including her breasts. Lana's panties are inexplicably visible twice in the episode (see far below).
#1-15: "The Emerald Duck"
When Gadget, Penny and Brain are sent to go after a duck-shaped artifact, they are ushered onto a plane by an unnamed stewardess, whom I nickname Blue on account of her dress. After locking the plane, Blue opens a radio in her necklace and calls Dr. Claw, who launches the plane by computer and sets it to crash. From what we see of Blue, she appears to be Native-American (I don't mean anything rude, honest!), her nose changes style twice, and she's the most realistically-drawn female agent.

#1-64: "School For Pickpockets"
Otherwise unnamed, Angel here went to a M.A.D. pickpocket school in the French Riviera, dresses as an angel for a parade in which several pickpockets would try to steal a special watch Gadget had, along with some tourist stuff. Angel's end comes when she trips on Brain, who sticks a helium hose in her sleeve. Her costume inflates and lifts her into the air. Gadget pulls her down and deflates her. In turn, she almost steals his watch. Many male fans are looking hard for videos of Angel, a lot of whom find her attractive.

Madame Demure
#1-59: "In Seine"
Our final woman worked with a French jewel thief. Telling Gadget that thieves were "after her jewels", she lured him to her fancy-ass house and made him stand guard. Another M.A.D. agent broke in and stole her jewelery. The male agent was supposed to kack Gadget, but was detered by Brain, who then got Gadget after the jewel thieves. She appeared for only 3/5 the episode, but we get to learn that she's rich, likes shiny things and prefers to not do the dirty work in a "garbage pick-up".

Louise Lane
#1-??: "So It Is Written"
Louise here pretended to be a reporter and went to a twisted little village in North Africa, where she learned about a huge treasure from the paste-white king. She's the youngest of the agents, pretty quick-witted, and very faithful to Dr. Claw. Despite showing clear repulsion of Gadget, she is pushed onto or falls on Gadget in a suggestive position THREE times during the episode and is even seen taking his arm in the cave scene. Louise also likes money, is creeped out by skeletons, and seems to always have dynamite at hand.
If there's anything we can learn today, it's that Dr. Claw has a blonde preference.

Wait, what's going on?
Well, near the end of Lana's episode, 19 minutes and 33 seconds in, Gadget is in her trailer and accidentally knocks her over. As a result, we see her panties, her legs spread really suggestively. And again, three seconds later, but not as much is shown. I wonder how many kids caught this the first time they were watching...
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