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A Letter to the Girl Who Submitted a Fan Fiction to a Writing Compilation Book

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Dear Girl,
While you may not know me, and you may never, we go to the same school. I am on the Crampl (actual title) Annual Compilation Book, and right now we have resorted to poems sent in by teachers because of the lack of artistically-interested students this year. Aside from my aggression towards the board's focus on the damn football team, I would like to talk about your story "I'm Coming For You".
What grade were you in? I didn't get to see that on the submission form; I was too focused on putting your story in the 'no' pile. As I remember, you gave us a four-page story...not counting the title page, and a little memorial page of the main man of the story...Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker. While the story I submitted, "The Red Room", was based on a Japanese urban legend that inspired the Sasebo Slashing, I managed to tone down the ending and try not to glorify the murderer. You, on the other hand, wrote a setting where you and Ramirez went to high school, either of you in your senior year. Making things worse, you set it in 1989, which is long after Ramirez was convicted. And the final line in the story was, "You broke my heart, bitch. Now I'll break you."
What convinced you that this was a good idea?
Your story's level of horrifying rivals another story I read today...that one was written about a boy's drug use and hallucinations, featuring being chased by a crocodile (a car) and using the term "fucked up", rendering it completely unpublishable. I read three drug-related stories and an Eragon poem today, and yours is more disturbing than all of them.
In addition to being illogical and incredibly alarming, you refer to him as "tall...disheveled, but good-looking", leading me to think that you are attracted to Ramirez. Have you read his biography? He was sniffing glue at age 12. And go through the list of victims on that page; when Ramirez decides to "break you" in the story, it'll involve a lovely evening where he cuts off your fingers, beats you with a bat and forces sex on you. Why do you like this guy?!
I am not a sensible young woman, myself. I would rather read a story where Tintin makes love with Captain Haddock than read one where Tintin meets a Mary-Sue. Speaking of Mary-Sues, that's just who your character is. "Stephanie", was that her name? I'm sorry my memory is so spotty; I couldn't read too much of your story, because I was blinded by confusion and fear. From what I skimmed, you appear to be insane. I hate to phrase it like that, sweetheart, but it may be true. You should also know that in 1989, Ramirez was 29 and nowhere near high school. (Except with the Whitney Bennett case, but that's not funny.) Also, you would probably be little more than a seperated egg and sperm then. The younger I imagine you, dear girl, the more horrified I am.
You could be a furry, and I wouldn't bat an eye. You could like bondage or similar crap, and I won't care, since I've heard it all before. But at the core, the fact that you made a character to be paired with a reputed psychopath, wrote it through her perspective, cheated on the aforementioned psychopath, and had it end with her dying off-screen all makes me more than uncomfortable. You pushed the limit with the tribute page, too.
I hope this letter helps you with your future psychiatric treatment. I wish you well and hope that you find a less disturbing-looking man in your life, preferably one that won't break your fingers or worship Satan. Or, you know, like, murder you.


Note: This is my own drawing and I really wish you people wouldn't steal it.

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