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Korea's Greatest TREH-SHUR
Ah, our second tale of horrific rip-offs straight from Korea. We need no introduction to Korea's "cartoons". This one, made in 1985, will copy Moblie Suit Gundam, Transformers and Space Firebird 2772 too, except we don't have Black Jack in a skin-tight turtleneck being beat up by the main character.
We open on some gnarled little planet with background music that goes "AAWW, AWWW, AWWWWW". The planet is having rain, volcanic reactions and lighting when a phoenix - a phoenix that looks just like Tezuka's Phoenix - flies in, lands on a mountain and solidifies into a bird-shaped rock. We then cut away to a big painting of pseudo-Phoenix and the robot Phoenix King, who looks just like Inferno from Transformers.
We suddenly cut off to Mars, where a group of kids are playing baseball. One little kid, Tom, gets hit in the head with the ball and everyone laughs at him. So, it's up to our hero Henry, who looks like Godo from Space Firebird 2772, to give him a few words of advice:
"Hey stupid! You should learn to catch with your mitt! You just need a little more confidence in yourself. Get ready now!"
Almost everyone I show this to finds it hilarious.
So, Henry throws the ball, it gets hit, and the kid who hit it trips, flies 90 feet in the air and hits the ground hard. Then he gets struck out.
Meanwhile, Marie - who looks exactly like Sayla Mass of Mobile Suit Gundam, except bitchy and mean instead of mysterious - is standing outside the game muttering about not being able to play the game with the boys, who made her be the coach. Oh Marie, we'd feel your pain and root for you if only if you weren't so annoying and didn't look like Sayla! And OH NO, they made you the coach? How belittling!
Marie yells at Henry to listen to her and let her play the game, so Henry yells "Aw, what do girls know about baseball, anyway! Now be quiet or we'll have you picking up balls in the outfield!" Well, at least she could do something. Marie turns to us and snarls "WHAT? You want me to fetch balls?!"

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