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Toy Review - Gundam Seed Girls

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Today I bring you a double review, featuring my two latest acquisitions from the internet. Not too long ago, I purchased two Gundam Seed Destiny figures from eBay, the total sale being $3.55. At first I was concerned that either figure would be bootleg, given that either girl's auction started at $0.01, but no. They came unassembled, in their original boxes and bags. Huzzah for the internet.

THIS is what I like to see in the mail.
Anyway, the figures we'll be seeing today are Stella Loussier and Meyrin Hawke, in that order.

Here's Stella, standing at 4" (almost 10 cm). Her individual pieces are head, torso & arms, and waist-down. Given that this is a Japanese figure, her panties are fully visible, unfortunately this has been enhanced by making her skirt shorter than it is. If one were to pick her off her stand and turn her around, they'd instantly get a full rump shot of Stella. On a possible good note, not as much detail was put into her undergarments as was in Athena Asamiya's. On a non-panty note, Stella's boots have been painted with a glossy white, which I feel is a nice touch. The only drawback is the small nick on her right boot, which almost seems like the painter's accidental thumbprint.

Her stand is designed to keep her feet in place while having her in a seated position, and unfortunately these two don't go well together. As you can see, Stella is barely sitting on her white cylinder.
Did I mention the stands? The figures each have two special pegs included so that the owner can stick the pegs into the base, connecting into the foot holes of the figure.

Meyrin is our second figure, standing at 4 1/4" (11 cm). Her painting is much better, her molding is smoother, and her panties are impossible to see, and probably not even put in! Her stand includes a C-stick support, which is meant to hold her up from around the waist, but she stands up well on the pegs alone. She's looking amusedly to the side, which to me, brings up the phrases "Welcome to the Gundams!" or "If you wanted fanservice, you should've bought Lunamaria!"

I know this is strange, but if someone were to go through my collection and pick up one of the girls, I would rather it be Meyrin. A slender army-garbed girl would sit better with an outsider than an underage girl with open panties.

Also, both girls came with a strange wrapped candy, standard with boxed gashapon. I would honestly try one and tell you about it, but this candy is from 2004.
Oh, why not, I'll try one. (These were made to sit around for long periods of time!) This candy initially tasted kind of fruity, but turned into the flavour of the bone-shaped candy sold with the 1990's Puppy/Kitty In My Pocket. I really miss those; we used to get them at the grocery store. Each packet had a randomly-packaged animal figure and always a bone-shaped candy. Oh, right. The Gundam candy begins to have a bland, chalky taste after a while, making it feel like a lightly-sweetened Alka-Seltzer tablet.
And my neck has started to hurt, so obviously I've been somehow poisoned.
All in all, this was a good purchase, and the girls were definitely worth the $3.55, perhaps more than that even. I'd like to add that I was also trying to buy Lunamaria Hawke, Meyrin's older sister, but psychotic bidders manaded to get her price up to beyond $6. Perhaps next time.
Or probably not.

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