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Let's Read Bad Giant Robo Doujinshi

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A few months ago, I went on a mad hunt to get at some doujinshi to add to my collection, which currently is at the sweltering book count of four. I'd seen a few Giant Robo ones on eBay a year before this date, which all disappeared one by one, so by this point I was on a rampaging search. It was also during this night that I lead myself down a narrow gravel road into the weird part of the internet.
If you look in the wrong (or right?) places, people just think "doujinshi" means "manga porn", rather than the kinds of all-character gag comics I was hoping for. Only semi-aware what was happening, I was taken through a labyrinth filled with "you must be 18 or older to enter" gateways and explicit banner ads before finally ending up with what constituted as my spoils: a .ZIP file with multiple Giant Robo doujinshi all by one person. And for some reason I was later surprised that they're all disgusting.
I've gone through these scans multiple times, trying to figure out what to do with them. They're from a series called Ginrei Book, all made from 1992 to 2000 by Chichai Yokoyama ("chichai" actually being a word similar to "little", or "lil") and an assortment of other guests. Chichai can draw naked women like Guinea Pig knows how to tell a story, only Chichai is somehow worse on the eyes. The plot of each book is that Ginrei gets fingered by any one of the male Experts who appear in episode one, save for Taisou and Issei. Even Genya gets a turn at one point, the idea of which usually causes a brain aneurism so powerful it can be felt in the floorspace around you by anyone within fifteen feet. It's gross.
I'm clearly not the person these books were chemically bred for. My sexual orientation is Robert Palmer and my hobbies include kleptomania and Gender Identity Disorder. So I've decided to censor all the nasty - it's not like it's good enough to be missed - with this picture of Jimmy Page's face.
By posting this ahead of time, I have shut off and
therefore preserved your sex drives.

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