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"Freaky Mah Jong Games": You know what Mah Jong is. The constant clicking of tiles. Well, those crazy Japanese managed to make it interesting! Well, to any male over 18.
"The Sega Genesis Collection": A review of my brother's Christmas present, one of those sets that you plug into your TV and play games. This one has mutant blob people, shiny objects and SONIC!
"Sonic Drift 2": A short walkthrough of the 1995 game! Comes with nearly-complete listing of th race tracks, and bonus GIFs!
"Arcade Game Flyers": Today, we bring you a samplette of several strange arcade flyers, formerly sent out in the golden age of arcade in order to seduce an arcade owner to buy that cabinet. But let's take a look at some of them!
"Death Balloons: The Flash Game": Toontown is proud to host an official Astro Boy flash game! The game was almost lost to the internet when Astroboy.jp was shut down, but it now has a permanent home here!
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