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Still Five More Inexplicable Internet Fetishes

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So one night, I decided to search "City Hunter" on both deviantART and Pixiv, since this is my favourite manga about a man with a giant boner who makes people die, which in itself could qualify for a fetis article. Now, everything on dART was pretty straightforward until I found a chubby, slightly hairy Ryo Saeba drawn by a guy who loves bears. As I quietly shook my head, I noticed a comic on Pixiv where a pregnant Saeko (whom is from the same series as Ryo) strung over some planks, with anonymous beige hands putting out cigarettes on her stomach as someone lit the planks under her. No, I literally can't link to it.
That was when I realized I've seen only the mainstream crazy stuff. It's time to get into the hipster stuff...sexual deviant hipster stuff.
After a break from taking our mentally-traumatized selves through a garden of mutant asses, tickling, pregnant men and two-headed women (thus making the most horrific field trip ever), I've returned to write about another bunch. I'm proud of myself for still being able to write all this, and sort of enraged at the many boners who lost their way.
Let's go!

Damsel In Distress
I discussed the variants of this

Turning Into Objects

Piggyback rides


Baby Transformation

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