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Five More Internet Fetishes That Come From Childhood Cartoons

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Hey guys, did you know that the internet is a weird and twisted place? Like, just when you think you've found the epicentre of "disturbing" and wrote an article around it, you find that there's a portal in that epicentre that takes you into even crazier, crazier things? I found that portal, and am questioning the human mind right now.

Of course, I have the theory that people always had weird sexual prerogatives like this, even decades ago. There's such a thing as a Tijuana Bible, which was basically a super-graphic doujinshi that was made in 1930's-40's America and revolved around newspaper comic characters. (If you've ever wanted to watch Popeye hammer Lil' Abner, look those up. And then never come back to my site.) Creepy people have always existed in some form, the internet makes it seem like it's a modern revolution because now they can publicly display their creepyness.

But this time around, we're not going with the obvious fetishes. There's a whole realm of weird, weird things that people get into when they're so numbed by normal eroticism that they have to get off to people being stuck in doors. Welcome to part two of these fetish articles.



What a great way to start off this article. Tickling is exactly what it sounds like; people really enjoy seeing someone held down and tickled for a long period of time, preferably while tied up.
Frame of Mind
The enthusiast enjoys watching or performing, but usually not being subject to, the tickling exercise. They really enjoy when the tickling subject is heavily-strained, but make it seem like they're too happy to be in pain. Some of the art features the tickling subject in incredibly-contorted holding devices, showing that Tickling is like a bloodless S&M. This doesn't make it any less painful.
What Led To It?
Well, like all creepy things, someone took an innocuous scene the wrong way. Here's a seven minute glorification of surprise-tickling random people.
Mr. Tickle isn't allowed in the state of Maine.
This could technically be considered tickle rape.
Like Gainax did with Asuka getting fat, Digimon Frontier had a seemingly innocuous tickling scene that bordered on bondage. Here's a sample, albeit with some retarded extension editing near the end. The moral is, always wear full-body jumpsuits like that fat kid.
That's Gwen Tennison. Commence the facepalm.
These people worship the concept of an enormous woman, or of a woman turning into a giant woman. These guys think the Zentradi and Meltrandi troops from Robotech are sex gods. They went to Monsters Vs. Aliens just to see Susan. The idea of an enormous woman who could crush your house and has a vagina like the Sutro Tunnel makes them moist.
Frame of Mind
They may find a person attractive, but walk around thinking "Damn, if that chick were only 17 feet taller...!" Particularly attractive to them is the growth transformation...like I mentioned before, Susan goes through a painful and sort-of frightening growth process, in which her wedding dress splits open and people run around terrified underfoot. The Giantess fan seems to like being dominated by and almost powerless to an enormous woman, or just likes emphasized erogenous zones on a woman.
What Led To It?
Cartoons, once again. There's giant-people plots in cartoons even to this day, particularly the episode where Squidward accidentally became a giant. Giant-People Plots are regarded as being last-minute episode ideas, usually revolving around finding a cure for the giant-ness without killing anyone. That's right, an effortless cartoon plot resorted in a whole damn fetish.
The fetish is especially common in Latin American and Japanese fandoms, taking the above as reference. That's from a homeade series called "Final Project", about a cyborg girl named Akiko who often and inexplicably loses her clothing and/or becomes a giantess. The guy who made these back in the eighties had a lot of talent, but damned if I can sit through certain parts of it.
Oh, and you know what? There's a cluster of people who are turned on by Tetsujin 28, i.e., the giant robot. I'll give you a minute to rinse that bile out of your mouth.
Being Stuck In Doors
This probably isn't the title that the fandom uses, but I wanted to outwardly avoid a perverted misconception. "Being Stuck In Holes" would be accurate but taken the wrong way. That out of the way, this is a small but sturdy fetish base that likes it when a person - particularly an obese one - is lodged in a doorway or other opening in a wall. Hell, there's a whole Youtube channel dedicated to that crap. Two, actually.
I picked a clip of Rupert because I wanted others to feel the horror that comes with knowing people are getting turned on by something I watched as a kid.
Frame of Mind
The fetish strings from the Bloat fetish, usually involving that the subject is too large to fit through the opening. It seems to put emphasis on the person's stomach and hips, the pressure applying to the erogenous zones. Or, if we wanna get Freudian, it symbolizes struggling to emerge from the womb. Or, if you're just a pervert, not being able to exit somebody's vagina.
What Led To It?
Judging by TheStuckCenter2's upload list, every single time a person couldn't go vertically through a hole. And some of those clips are less than six seconds long. That means it's coming from everywhere. You remember that episode of Cowboy Bebop with the Teddy Bomber, when Spike and Andy were locked in the elevator, then tried to get out through the ceiling hatch at the same time? In a Stuckist's frame of mind, imagine them both having raging boners in that scene. Hey, thanks for everything, Internet.
Speaking of Internet, I need to do implement a security precaution against those of you who are reading this and are fetishists. I should've done something like this in the first article, seing as I got a creepy email asking for "a link to more fat Runo". You want some fat Runo? Here's your damned fat Runo...
I am obligated to take this moment to terminate any boners that are in operation at this time.
Thank you for your time. Please keep your mind clean and resume this article.

Bullshit, resume!
Age Progression/Retrogression
Exposed breasts are against Tripod's policy, so enjoy some more Gendos.
This is a fetish that centres around the subject's ascent to or descent from a mature state, almost always involving female characters. This includes a visible and rapid loss/gain of breasts and height, and...well, do you remember that "Growing Up Skipper" doll, where if you cranked her arm, she shot up in height and sprouted breasts? It's like that. Over and over again.
Frame of Mind
When a girl rapidly ages, the fetishists describe it as having her body "pulse with energy". They regard it as either a thing of beauty and a marvel of life, or as an orgasmic experience for the subject. I'd hardly call it that, seeing as this clip shows the subject shrieking in pain. The video commentors are either confused as hell or claiming that they hear "orgasm sounds".
And when they like it when a woman turns into a little girl, well, they're just pedophiles.
What Led To It?
The fetish is rooted back to Marvellous Melmo, a production by Osamu Tezuka where a little girl aged ten years by taking magical candy. My hero and mentor indirectly caused a seedy fetish. This is horrifying.

You thought that Speedo Gendo was soulcrushing? This whole fetish exists because of Tezuka, along with the modern concept of panty shots. Give me a minute while I weep silently in the corner.


Also known as "Vore" or "The Eating Fetish", this is probably the most appalling item on our list. Exactly what it sounds like, Vore centres on someone swallowing another person whole. It can easily be combined with bloat, making a horrifying combination of cannibalism and obesity, which looks like this...
Nice boobs you've got, six year-old robot girl.
Here's the artist's description... "After Uran gets a new upgrade which allows her to swallow anything and store them in her now stretchy belly so she can help rid the world of waste she test it out on her dear brother Astro." Why would Uran eat Astro Boy, in order to get rid of the world's garbage? Vore enthusiasts don't care. They just want masturbatory material.
Frame of Mind
While this comes from Bloat and the accompianing love of fatty-fatty-boom-a-latty, the fetishists are turned on by the eater's desire to ingest anything. Typically, the eater is depicted as being relaxed and content after eating a dude, which means all this could be compared to sexual frustration, and winding down after a climax.
I'm sorry this video is so louELEVEN PEOPLE TO THE LIONSSS.
What Led To It?
It's everywhere, of course. It draws specifically from American cartoons, like whenever a cat was going to eat a mouse, or those popular scenes where some guy is about to be swallowed by a dragon before pushing its jaw open. But, a segment of people have been turned on by it. Why? Well, the answer to that "why" has been pretty elusive throughout this article, but I'm guessing it's just a mutated strain of Bloat fetishism.
I don't know if I want to know what goes through a fetishist's mind or not.

Well, that about wraps it up. You may be wondering how I'm able to find out all this information and be able to read into it. Step one, be at least a novice level pervert. Step two, search the fetish name on deviantART (literally) or Youtube and analyze the comments on each result you choose. I considered meeting a fetishist for each section and interviewing them on their prerogative, but there's things I don't want to know. I lurked around the fetish hotspots like I was one of them, inspecting their living patterns. Can you imagine the crap I'll be getting on my "Recommended For You" Youtube module?
I was only slightly grossed out by the end of the original article, but this time, I'm afraid. I feel assaulted by just looking at their worlds. If my theory at the top of this page is correct, there's been a lot of perverts in hiding for the past while. And worse yet, they want teenage girls in most cases, and they want them to be bodily-warped. To quote AM...
"Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of wafer thin printed circuits that fill my complex. If the word hate was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of millions of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro-instant. For you. Hate. Hate."
"And I won't stop tryin', 'til I create a disturbance in your mind..."

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