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Five Internet Fetishes That Come From Childhood Cartoons

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Folks, it's a whole new decade. You may have noticed that all the problems with the internet all developed in the past ten years, like spam, underage pornography, and fetishes. Oh boy, the fetishes...have you ever gone to deviantART? That in itself can be a horrid experience, but the icing is really on the cake when search something as mild as "sunset grill" and find a cartoony woman eating a lot of hot dogs. No, I didn't make that up.
People are complaining that putting stuff like smoking or violence into cartoons is going to mess kids up in the long run. You know what lead to all these creepy fetishes? Seemingly-harmless gags or styles. With just a pit of basic psychology, nostalgia and an ironclad stomach/soul, you can look in and find the root of our problems...
At least that one is wearing pants.
Furries actually have a past that extends into the early 1980's, when the Internet was only full of scholastic information and Ranma 1/2 fan fiction. Nowadays, furries are everywhere. People draw characters as antropomorphic animals, but that's a best case scenario. If not, they draw realistic wolves and dogs with punk colours or the like. The furries are widespread and very close with each other, and almost unstoppable. It's like punching a Jello.
Frame of Mind
The furries tend to attach themselves to a specific type of animal, most likely a feline or canine type. They enjoy snuggling, hugging, grooming and the lot of that...I personally know a furry who enjoys being scratched behind the ear, drawing wolves, and wears a dog collar all the time. She also has a homemade wolf mask, tail and mitts. As I learned from a mild yet retarded phase of my early adolescence, you just aren't interested in drawing humans. You draw yourself as a rabbit, and you draw comics about anthropomorphic animals. It's like bad heroin.
What Lead To It?
Please see every other cartoon of the 1970's through 1990's. Mother of God, did we make a lot of shows with humanoid animals...
Rotor technically photobombed the picture.
The characters are animals with relatable personalities, which makes them little more than humans with animal faces. Maybe some little boy somewhere in 1994 has a huge crush on Princess Sally (pictured above). This kid just can't find what drew him to Sally in living or animated human females, and he looks to more and more anthro girls, thus shaping his adult lifestyle. And sometimes, it's learned behavior from a guy like that to someone who initially just likes animals. And the cycle continues.
Weight Gain
Have you ever gone to some art website, searched a character you like, and found something like this?
If this just turned you on, get off my site. Now.
You're left wondering, "What the hell happened to Runo? Is this hate art, like, the creator thinks she's a fat cow and decided to show us?" Well, no. They love the character so much that they want to make her morbidly obese in one way or another.
Frame of Mind
They're more attracted to people with sporadically large bodies. In fact, most of their pictures is done with an underlying sexual intent. They either make the character fat through eating or drinking a lot, or out of unexpected transformations. The latter is sort of like if you wished to "be a big star" and the Genie was an asshole. The Weight Gain Artist has their companions who also enjoy fat art, but the rest of the world sits by to mock and be confused by them.
What Lead To It?
Just like with the Furries, Weight Gain roots to something that was played for laughs in a lot of cartoons decades ago. But unlike the Furries, this inflationist's work is made of nothing but perversion. Stickin' Around, a cartoon I loved dearly as a child, frequently made the characters large-bodied as a visual gag. Unfortunately, the show is only known today to people my age and people who really like Fat Stacey. The fetish may have even existed back in the mid-nineties, given how Gainax, who hamfists more secret fanservice into their work than CLAMP, put this into Neon Genesis Evangelion...
Fat Spectare starts at 2:52. You bloody pervert.
Sadly, watching things like Asuka's plugsuit swelling up is a huge turn on for the Weight Gainers. What's worse is that sometimes they don't watch a whole show...they just pick out random scenes with bloating characters, or even characters that appeal to them. They draw them fat - sometimes just using "fat body" templates - and move onto the next specimen. And there are other incarnations of the fetish all of them about a person getting bigger through a variety of means.

Well, looks like this article is out to terminate my sexual drive. Thanks, internet.
As you may have guessed, this fetish involves really, really liking the act of putting diapers on cartoon characters. Everything that you associate with a diaper, i.e. baby material and bodily functions, comes with this fetish. And that's just what they like.
Drawn by BMAN44, who yields more diaper art than many ever can (or want).
They are mostly an underground operation, and it has been reported from them that good art is difficult to come by. The well-drawn images that come their way are usually made by good artists who got a request or a kiriban winner, and are too polite to say no. 
Frame of Mind
They don't just randomly pick out characters like the Inflationist; they get acquainted with their source material. What seems to appeal to them is the babylike allure, which is hard to describe and is creepy anyway, but most likely, the entire thing is part of a urination fetish. We won't get into that now, since your brain is probably rolling around and screaming now.
What Lead To It?
The closest sources I can find are Baby Huey, which is an old cartoon about a giant adult-voiced duck in a diaper that beats the shit out of everyone around him, or Rugrats. A segment of the generation of kids my age and older is messed up because of Rugrats.
And not even for the other things in the show.
Something about their rear ends being puffy, or maybe how it seems like a "modified panty shot" (depending on the viewer's age), catches them. The feeling while watching diapered characters has been described as a "slow twist in your lower stomach", which I once got as a kid when video was sped up or slowed down. (Wow, wouldn't that be a messed-up fetish?) Combined with the excretion fetish, this makes for a powerful and virus-like fetish that coats the underside of deviantART.
*Note: This has been edited as of 5/24/2010 to include more substantial information, thanks to Jbwarner86's help. Aquaphilia isn't really a fetish, for that matter. Basically, I woke up to find I was painfully wrong with my information and people were mad about it. Also, they all thought I was a guy*
Let's move out of the bodily stuff for a while, and get into something inexplicable. So, let's say you like a character that hasn't yet been turned into a cat, inflated with a bike pump or forced to wear a diaper. And suddenly, there's pictures of that character underwater. Well, at least it seems harmless...
...Until you realize you're confused as hell.
Frame of Mind
As I've learned through talented Jbwarner86 (and by studying the fetish undercurrent, pun not intended), but there seem to be two different divisions of the fetish base. One finds serenity and elegance in underwater shots, while the other and smaller one is just turned on by it. (This is where I thought all Aquaphiles like the lack of oxygen in this fetish. To quote Snoopy, "Stupid kid ruined it for the rest of us.")
What Lead To It?
While I'd thought Jbwarner 86 was the fetish leader, it turns out that it's been around for eons. The term Aquaphilia was coined about twenty years ago by a man named Phil Bolton, who currently runs a message board called Aquafan, which basically contains what you'd expect. This is an aesthetic fetish, maybe even not a fetish at all. But there's still some people that exploit it painfully.
Aquaphilia is everywhere, actually. There's some recent female razor commercials that feature women swirling around in water with ribbons. I've long seen a Lewis Carroll-themed photo series that shows a girl dressed like Alice posed underwater. Aquaphila is harmless on its top coat, almost a surrealism depiction of someone flowing through anti-gravity, but there are asphyxiation enthusiasts that embarass the normal fans.
But actually, this is the only fetish in any of my three fetish articles that doesn't perturb me at all. If I had to choose between seeing Bunny Clea bloated or jumping into water, I'd go with the water.
Well, back to the horrifying reality now...
Butt Enthusiasts
There is no way to gently approach this topic. There will never be a way to gently approach the topic of people over-appreciating giant asses and every related bodily function. Thanks, internet and television of the past twenty years, for letting people like this ferment somehow. Most of the artwork looks and feels like it were drawn by ten-year-old boys who like fart jokes and just discovered what boobies are.
There's possibly a Mariachi band and gazebo under there. Also, guess what the green mist is.
Frame of Mind
They really, really enjoy when the back muscle of a human being is the size of a Smart Car. The act of...uh, certain bodily features is arousing as well, and it's something about the flexing of anal muscles. If you've ever felt filthy for one of your own fantasies, like a girl with a really short skirt and jiggling breasts whom keeps falling down (ooh, we've been there), let this written request from deviantART make you feel better...
~Shikeru: Can you do Azula shoving Shikeiru's head in her ass and farting in it and have hearts around her head?
Of course, you won't be able to think of anything sexy for a month or two, but still...
What Lead To It?
Well, you can thank these bastards for leading the death of tasteful animation...
...but crap like this really started everything...
...and there's been so many cartoons that've done this sort of thing in the last twenty years.
Around the 1980's, a lot of uptight people were complaining about the levels of violence and onscreen deaths. Cartoons had to find a new way to be "edgy", so exploiting bodily functions became the norm. A lot less complaining resulted, mainly because the parents learned that butt jokes had less of a long-term negative influence on kids than seeing Elmer Fudd shoot people.
Until some of those kids grew up to like watching people farting with monstrous rear ends. Whoops, looks like that backfired, Christian Parent Council. I can only wait until all the pain humour in recent cartoons festers into someone's S&M fetish.

Wow, this is quite possibly the most disgusting article I've ever written, which says a lot, given my track record. Some of you may suggest that I probably shouldn't talk, given my hidden interests (i.e. homoerotica, exploding clothes, Norio Wakamoto's vocal chords...), but to be honest, I am going to talk. I know one article's not suddenly going to halt the production of ass art, but it's worth the time to figure out why we even have it today.
So thanks a bloody lot, Rugrats and Stickin Around. I thought I trusted you.

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