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The 10 Different People You Meet In Every Fandom

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You meet a lot of interesting people on the internet.
During any trip to a forum, chatroom, deviantArt, wherever, you're likely to find wonderful people who enjoy the same program as you and will gladly talk to you about it in a levelled conversation. You're also equally likely to meet the same kind of creepy, creepy people that you only see in Wal-Mart on a Friday night.
Having been in a variety of fan communities since 2005, I've gotten to know and meet many of the following people (some of them I loosely call "people"). In no particular order...
The Fan
They are everywhere and quite average. These types are easy to communicate with, common, and are considered a "Level One" of all types of fans. Handling is simple; treat them like you would treat yourself or your offline friends. That is the key point of this type of fan...they most likely have a life in reality.
The Fan Girl/Boy
No matter the gender, they are insanely devoted to the show and all characters within it, usually with an interest in one beloved character. They may go to the extent of writing themselves into the show using a fan character, which can easily evolve into a Mary-Sue (an overly-perfected self insert). Their treatment of you depends on your treatment of them.
Tips For Handling:
■ It is easier to talk about their character if it is indeed a portrait of themselves. If the character is a separate entity and indeed a Mary Sue, avoid all conversations about that character. When forced to talk of them, flatter them.
■ Fangirls are generally easier to deal with than Fanboys. The girls mature faster and can sometimes be contributing members of a fan community, while the fanboys can often be perverted and a little disturbed.
The Queen Mary-Sue
With strong leader skills and a talent in drawing, this fan type is exclusively female. She tends to latch onto a male character, sometimes a "bad boy" type, and give him a fan character as a love interest. Her username sometimes is that of the character, and she may create other characters in order to flesh out her world, including the character's friends, relatives, and love children.
Tips For Handling
■ Do NOT attempt to "take her down" in any way. She tends to create her own sites or forums, which inhabit many dozens of fans (of both the series and herself). She can usually be very amiable if approached properly.
■ Just like with the Fangirl, avoid talking about her character if you are uncomfortable.
The Fact-O-Saurus
Their knowledge of the show is immense. They may run an informative site that they bring up or link to whenever they must. They are very logical, and have a sense of humour that doesn't often arise. If you ask any question about the series, the Fact-O-Saurus will immediately be there to give you a paragraph of the required information, plus more. The younger the Fact-O-Saurus, the more likely they are to chastise you for not being as smart as them.
Tips For Handling
■ They are easy to communicate with when on a neutral level. They are very tough to befriend directly, but are easily allied.
■ If dealing with one of the younger, hostile types, try to defend yourself if insulted. Calling them "obsessive" or "nerdy" can bring about mixed reactions.
The Two-Face
On the surface, they appear to be any normal fan, with a high knowledge of the series and of nearly all characters. They will act like the Fan and talk to you normally, but if encountered properly, will reveal their darker side. Perhaps they are sexually-obsessed with one character, enjoy slash pairings (same sex coupling), or are obessively focused on collecting certain merchandise.
Tips For Handling
■ They are generally very approachable in their neutral form, yet are more comfortable with approaching you first if interested. If you know they have another side, do not question them about it. Watching from afar is impossible because they hide that side from the public.
■ If you share the same tastes as them, you will need to ease yourself into their comfort zone over a long period of time before seeing or discussing anything.
The Fetishist
This type of fan is everywhere. They are very comfortable with their sexual interests, and will not back down if confronted with abhor. They may either be a fan of age progression/regression, diapering, animal/dragon transformations, giantess, breast inflation...most famously, there is the fat/bloat/inflation fetishist. There is a long and horrifying list. The Fetishist tends to be a loose fan of many series, usually picking out their favorite character to manipulate.
Tips For Handling
■ They are generally tolerable if their fetish is of a creature variety. The more bodily-related their fetish is, the more they should be avoided.
■ If you attempt to tell them off for using your favorite character, they will most likely act with rage. They will violently defend their sexual prerogative, and hold a deep grudge against you. Their friends are close, and they will be informed that you offended one of them.
The Omni-Devotee
These kinds of fans latch onto one or two characters from an entire series, and refuse to be interested in more. They will love those chosen characters, collect everything of them and download a few episodes centered on them, but be very indifferent to any other member of the cast. If you like a character, they will not further contact. If you do like the same character, get ready to see and hear some of the most obsessive, creepy things you could ever imagine.
Tips For Handling
■ Do NOT make contact with if you do not like the same character. You will be struggling desparately to keep up with them, and they will immediately lose interest in you if you do not entertain them.
■ They are loosely interested in anything else related to that series, which brings you a gap in communication.
The Defender
This person is like the Fan Girl/Boy, but taken to an extreme. There may come a time when someone enters your community and makes a loud, annoying claim that your favorite show is garbage. The Defender comes in handy, as they take down the attacker with zeal. Unfortunately, they hold deep grudges and may go on too long, causing the attacker to send back a "tl;dr" (Too Long; Didn't Read). Without an attacker, the Defender is rather biased. If they like all or something of the series, everyone else in that hemisphere must respect it. If you so much as compare another show to anything in the selected show, the Defender will go as far to say that things like Cowboy Bebop are inferior.
Tips For Handling
■ They believe that this certain program is the "greatest thing ever", and think of a scene or character like it were made of gold and Holy Water. They are obsessive, and easily become annoying, so limit contact. Your reaction may trigger a rebutal composed of all-caps and multiple exclamation and question marks.
The Kid
This fan is always the youngest member of your community, and most likely with poor typing skills and a prepubescent social awkwardness offline. For them, the internet is a new and fascinating place, but just about as dangerous as playing in a construction zone. They will observe everything you and the other fans do, which puts a limit on any casual swearing and adult-orientated discussions. If you've ever had an annoying cousin, be prepared to have another one.
Tips For Handling
■ Like with the cousin, pretend your family is watching. Ask them kindly to leave the topic or chat or whatever it may be, but use harsher language if necessary. However, it is sometimes their own fault for entering a site they were at least five years too young to enter.
■ Casual communication is fine, but avoid personal contact or friendships with the Kid. Neither of you wants to tell someone that you are "friends" with someone of a ten-year age difference.
■ The youngest the Kid is likely to be is nine years old. When between nine and thirteen, they are likely to have extremely garbled and messy typing, so be prepared to have to read over their posts several times. Correcting them is a futile and giftless tactic.

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