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Dear readers, it's been four years since the birth of this site, and three years since we were mainstream (meaning, since I wrote articles intending for more than twenty people to see them). If you read articles from the beginning, most of which are terrible, you can actually watch my style develop. I grew up with this site.
And I feel that this is a point of my life where I have come to terms with a certain aspect of myself, and you should, too.
I'm gay.
Now, if that conjured images of me having affairs with men, then you're wrong, because it's actually a female who runs this site. People seem to think I'm male a lot, especially when they don't know me personally and have just found an article by surprise. When I made all those Aquaphiles mad, one of their comments was "God, this guy is such an asshole", verbatim. This doesn't bother me. Androgyny in writing is a good thing. I am able to blend in with the reader because I don't take a break every paragraph to talk about owning boobs.
So, to reiterate, this site is written and maintained by a lesbian. I wouldn't assert my sexuality in every article like the example above, but I'd like it to rest deep in the back of your mind. I would like your respect, but at the same time, I'd like you to treat me as you would have before. I know that a large portion of people percieve homosexuals as either crimes against nature, or wacky circus acts that roam together in orgy gangs, and it makes me nauseous to think about it. Most people in real life don't know I'm gay, since I don't act like any of the archetypes. I have, however, fought transvestite urges since mid-2008. They've mostly faded away, but I take remaining frustration out in cosplay. It's ridiculous, but it actually does help.
Look at my articles from 2007. I was a bastard. I said mean and sometimes even jutting remarks about yaoi fangirls and general gay behaviour. And then bam, I was infatuated with a female classmate in real life. I brought this up with my mother one day, who reacted to this as if I had opened my mouth as wide as I could and made a high-pitched fart noise. She tried to talk me out of being gay, telling me to ask myself if I "would have sex with this person" if I thought I liked them. What the hell is wrong with you, Mrs. Crawford? You'd prefer a fourteen-year-old girl slept with every man she saw, rather than admiring another girl from afar? This is the one time in my life where someone has deeply humiliated me and made me feel terrible for being gay.
The test worked anyway, in later years. I realized I'd rather embrace a naked woman than a man, when I acknowledged that I regard looking at male genitals with the same replusion as watching a big tarantula eat a cat. At this point it's Roman-Catholic Mother 0, Quiet Gay Nerd 1.
My mother thinks I'm either making a dark joke or am in a dark phase, my father has no idea, and I'm not comfortable with telling my siblings until they're in their teens. I have two acquaintances who know I'm gay (one of whom I dated), and one who still thinks I'm bisexual. That was my assumption from a few years ago, where I had to accomodate attraction to a select few male cartoon characters. And then I realized it wasn't attraction, it was idolization. My father has always been confused why gay men like women like Judy Garland. I know from experience it's because we wish that we could be like that person, but can't, because of obvious gender restrictions.
Pfft, I wish.
What am I going on about at this point? I'm gay and I want you guys to still like me, assuming you liked me from the start. This site is a checkerboard of insane rant/mainstream material, and we've been struggling to find a unique identity for this site. Pop culture articles with a preference towards obscure crap, with occasional original artwork? Who hasn't done that before?
Well, we're defined now. Toontown is officially, and publically, being declared a gay-friendly site. We're all the same content from now on, but maybe a little more in the future I'll have articles about gay matters, whether the straightedge of our readership cares for it or not.
I respect all of you, no matter your colour, shape, what magical symbol you worship, or what's in your pants. I wish all of you regular readers well, and I hope you have a good day.
July 26, 2010

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