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"Happy Birthday, Skipper the Robot Kid": As of November 24, the half-robot turns two! Click here for a series history and a lot of background information & pictures!
"The American Astro Boy": Just before the 90's, our little robot was turned into a full-colour comic book and remodelled...with horrific results! Contains more information and scans than you'll ever see on the internet!
"Parody Comics #1 - The Tales of Tails!": Our first parody re-text of a mushy Sonic story! What happenns when Tails runs off, rights a tree and a pre-Scourge Fiona Fox? Whatever the hell you think!
"Manga Review: Astro Vs. Atlas": A review of an obscure and kinda creepy spinoff manga!
"An Interview With David Gonterman": Yes, readers! I finally did it! (Please, no hate mail. I was just curious.)
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue One": A complete review of the first issue, scans even! Relive that dark, little-known time where Tenma looks weirder than usual, Astro had two facial expressions and dogs could talk!
"The Periwinkle Assault": Today we review an old book so weird and diverse that you may never be able to find your own copy!
"The Magic User's Club Manga": Finally, Toontown has discovered a healty load of the fabled manga and compiled it here for your convenience!
"Manga Review: Baby Elephant Pura": We begin another review of the crazy 1980 Astro Boy manga miniseries, where Astro meets an elephant cub, learns about breasts and elephants, and a Tezuka villain turns into a murderous asshole!
"Over-Analyzing Socks The Cat": Recently, Toontown found an old Disney Adventures comic with numerous hidden messages. Today we check them all out, due to a lack of other reviewing material!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Two": Toontown recieves an actual copy of the long-awaited second issue, and officially makes these reviews a broken series! Contains less anger than the previous review!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Three": We now own all the issues up to #7, so get ready for more reviews! Today's issue is actually unbearably bad, and it puts me in my bad side, so hold tight!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Four": We're back! The series is still getting no better, and if anything, Astro's getting crazier!
"NOW Comics Astro Boy - Issue Five": In this week's issue, Astro fights for the first time! He also befriends some annoying androids and hallucinates that he'd pounding the snot out of his father!
"NOW Comics Astro Boy - Issue Six": In this issue, Astro is still fighting, but bein' angsty all the way! At the same time, Dr. Elefun appears for the first time, but so does a slime monster! It's a lot less epic than it sounds!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Seven": We've come to the end of our reviews for now. Look inside for Simon exploding, Astro screaming a lot, and a special parody contest!
"NOW! Comics Speed Racer - Issue Seventeen": Hold on, reader! This article focuses on a rare six-page Astro Boy insert story from 1989! Where will they go with it? Look in to find out!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Eight": Will everything end off with a bang? Will something start with a bang? Will Boynton wear a Power Loader? Tune in to see!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Nine": A slightly shorter review this time! Astro has learned nothing over the past while, and I.Q. seems to be immortal!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Ten": It's the issue I've waited years to get to! People will die for real, robots will be freed, and you still won't feel satisfied!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue 11/12": In this article, we merge two issues due to one being a flashback issue! But with our first standalone story, will the art hold up?
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Thirteen": In this issue, we get our first original villain, and our first urges to punch a muscleman in the face!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Fourteen": What comes of this issue, this time? Would you believe it's Astro Girl, dinosaurs and a reprint?
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Fifteen": Dwelve into the sad, sad conclusion of the dinosaur saga, featuring aliens and toy gun references!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Sixteen": Astro prepares to go into space, with the frequent appearance of I.Q. Plenty! It's Steacy's last issue as illustrator, too!
"Book Review - Crush": Today we pick up a book about a girl's coming-out-of-the-closet story, only for it to turn into the story of blow-snorting hipsters, lesbian lawyers and stupid dogs! Be warned this is an extraordinarily large article!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Seventeen": Astro and the crew finally reach the Cybot planet! The situation goes straight to hell, but they certainly got there!
"Doujinshi Review - Please Don't Tease Me, Chief": Okay, so the teasing at hand can be better described as molestation, but we present our first Giant Robo doujinshi review! (Note: Some images within may not be safe for work.)

"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Eighteen": Finally, it's here! The power of Brian Thomas pulls Astro and company off the Cybot planet, but at what cost?
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy - Issue Nineteen": Elefun's holding a conference defending Astro's powers and existance, but at the same time, the Black Zoo Gang is breaking in! So epic, you'll crap your pants!
"NOW! Comics Astro Boy: Issue Twenty": The first article of 2011 and the final article in this series, get ready for a climatic finale! Oh, wait, no.
"A Serious Analysis of Mother of the Child and the Creation": Today, Fauna reviews an Astro Boy fiction that's So Bad It's Horrible, featuring a hundred new characters and the most aggravating Mary Sue in the world!
"Gigantor Issue One": We're proud to present the first in a series of twelve reviews of an obscure American comic series based on Tetsujin 28! In this issue, a lot of characters appear from nowhere!
"Gigantor Issue Two": This week, Gigantor has been constructed, and Agent Dick Strong and Chief Chujo's son are there to help! But watch out for imminent copyright infringement!
"Gigantor Issue Three": In our latest issue, explosions and homoerotic tension shower all over the place, and...and it's just weird. The bromance is the plot!
"Gigantor Issue Four": This issue manages to be the Seinfeld of the series, since nothing ever happens! But this time, it's not entertaining! Also, there's a guy named Spider.
"Gigantor Issue Five": Some people are living on the moon, and some kids are flying a space shuttle. I wish I could describe the plot better but it's punched my brain in the balls.
"Gigantor Issue Six": People fight on the moon with robots. This issue actually manages to be less tolerable than the NOW! Comics series!
"Gigantor Issue Seven": Gigantor and friends go to Antarctica to make a lot of people explode! Now with sloppy black-and-white art!
"Gigantor Issue Eight": We finally manage to find printed material so stupid that I can't stand it!
"Book Review - The Eagle Kite": Can a septuagenarian write a decent book about family matters and the AIDS crisis? The answer is, hell no!
"Gigantor Issue Nine": We finally returned to looking at these bilgey things! They're a travesty and so is eveything about them!
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