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This is what a comic is like when I make one

So anyhow, back in June 2009, I had just been turned down from a Japanese exchange student trip, been unable to get a job at four different places, and had nothing to do for the summer. I'd been considering the starting of a new comic series, in which I bastardize take a fairy tale or an old children's story and make it into a modernized story. I'd created "Alice in Underworld", which like what if Studio Ghibli and C.S. Lewis joined up, but I realized I only wanted to remake the Mad Hatter. I went with something I didn't expect much of...

Created back in February 2009, Cinderelliot was a huge change from what else I was making at the time...the super-violent psychologically-twisted Outlanders, the futuristic robot world of Skipper the Robot Kid...however, this was what I felt would be my debut year, and I wanted to do something simple. Cinderelliot was it.
A cynical young man named Elliot Baker passes out from chemical fumes while on-the-job at a motel, and meets his temporary Fairy Godfather, whom helps take his friends to a mob boss's private party. In doing so, Elliot falls for the boss's daughter Charmine, but the situation worsens when Elliot's boss kidnaps the leader of the mob. (42 pg; b&w; 2009)
However, the content was a pretty big departure from what I had released to the public. I would go as far to say that it was like The Rocky Horror Picture Show...there were a few good parts that you wouldn't want shown to kids. Anyhow, after a good lot of re-developing the characters in what I consider an extremely short amount of time, the following lead cast resulted...
Elliot Baker: A cynical amateur writer who cleans rooms at a trashy motel. Has a long-running vendetta with his boss, and falls for a mob leader's daughter. I really regret that his design changed over the series, since I liked it as it was before. He is kinda based on John Belushi.
The Fairy Godfather: A flamboyantly-gay fairy who gets forced into helping Elliot. He is slightly-inexperienced with his powers, and turns into some sort of psychotic lustyfiend around Elliot's male friend, George.
Charmine "Charmy" Emmett: The mob boss's adult daughter, whom is trying to break out and be a model, if not for her father's concern over her safety. She also knows hand-to-hand combat.
Clay "King" Emmett: The aged leader of an underground mob. In his younger days, he used power and money to fufill his desires, something that sets up to the second issue's conflict. He is protective of his daughter and owns a Luger for the sole purpose of shooting perverts.
Alexis "Stepmama" Hayes: An bitter, badly-aged motel manager, aided by her ugly nieces. She has ties, and unresolved rage, with King.
Among other guest appearances, I cameoed Gino in it, because I still miss him.
I drew at least one page every day - nineteen in July, twenty-three in August - and made a two-issue standalone series. Upon printing the first issue and setting it on my friends at a sleepover a test audience, I found the reaction to be positive. Perhaps because these were sex-crazed girls, they all loved the Fairy Godfather.
Now, please note that it was only publiched locally, but external orders were certainly sent out. Almost fifteen copies of each issue have sold so far, two orders even going to Sweden and France. I knew either client before making the comic, but still!
Probably the one thing I'd ever brag about in this comic is the casual interracial relationships. Back in February, Charmy was going to be Caucasian and have bright red hair, but I suddenly thought "Oh, I'll make her African-American! That should be more interesting!" I didn't notice what I'd done until October, when that American judge refused to let an interracial couple marry, and for the stupidest reason ever. Hey, remember the story from back in 1985, when several TV stations refused to run Robotech because of interracialism? I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing.
For more information, please...
b) ...Contact me if you are interested in ordering either issue, or have any other questions ($2.00 USD each, but $5.50 for both with shipping included!)
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