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Please Don't Tease Me, Chief

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Yasuhiro Imagawa gave us a canon and we are supposed to treat it well.
Doujinshi, for those who don't know, are Japanese fan comics independently-published often by fans under psuedonyms. These can be anything from story developments to wacky gag strips to hardcore pornography.
Giant Robo is no stranger to this site, and neither is my firm belief that Imagawa purposedly put in innuendoes about how Chief Chujo and Professor Go are sleeping together. Hell, the first time their alternate characters meet in Yokoyama's Suikoden, they meet on page 69. After meeting another fellow believer, they gave me a download link to a doujinshi featuring the two, the intention being to share it with as many people as possible after forking out what I assume was a lot of money for a copy. Plus, it was translated, which was awesome as hell.
There's not a lot of Giant Robo doujinshi available to the English fandom. I almost bought a pervy Ginrei-centric book made right after the first OVA, which would have been pretty lulzy. (Like, I can see the author trying to shove in all kinds of sexual acts with the swarms of dudes in the show, but they wouldn't know yet that Genya is Ginrei's brother, Taisou is married to an awesome giant blue woman, and Go is a queen.)
So, after reading the doujinshi and digesting how south it went, I felt it would be interesting to review a doujinshi here for the first time. Of course, this article is going to be not-safe-for-work, but I won't use the harder panels, anyway. Not like there's much of any...did you know it's illegal to draw genitals in manga? Either way, if I put them up, Tripod would carpet-bomb this site.

The cover is super pretty, with Go reclining on a powder pink background, the text "Choukan, itazura shinai de kudasai" (Please don't tease me, Chief) in the background, a little Adults-Only warning in the corner. This is a sexy cover. Looking at it, I first thought it would be about Go being in heat and Chujo having other things to do for a few pages.
"Ohh, Chief, put your finger in my mouth..."
"Professor, I'm trying to talk to a bomb squad on the phone."
And then he'd get off the phone eventually and it would turn into passionate lovemaking behind his desk, and it would have a slow, sultry soundtrack consisting of saxophone, grand piano and acoustic guitar.
Right, the article. The article. Ahem.
Remember to read these right-to-left!
Ginrei is begrudgingly organizing paperwork, lamenting the extension of Kenji's assignment, since they were supposed to have a date. I like this couple (despite Ginrei being 19 and Kenji being 27 for years), and Ginrei hasn't been turned into a tsundere, so this book won fifty points from me already. Go and Chujo watch her handle the paperwork calmly, with Chujo just saying Experts of Justice "sometime have to perform duties like this", aside from their usual duties of kicking ass and sitting around in aircraft. Ginrei just seems bemused, and Go takes over the paperwork duty.
Another commendable thing about this is how Go and Chujo are portrayed as parental figures for Ginrei, which I think is a great character dynamic that you do see briefly in the OVAs.
I'm amused by Go's use of "kyaaa",
also known as the girly scream.
Oh, and then Go falls the hell down due to his tendency to wear ballet slippers and a dress all the time.
The papers go everywhere, and as he tries to pick them back up, Go gets a papercut. Ginrei is there to equip him with a band-aid, and she mentions telling the Chief to give Go a few days off. Go responds to that like this...
So, this could be interpreted as Go just being too consumed in work to want or need a break, or a hint that Chujo already gives him secret off-time.
"Why Go, you look tense, as if you need a massage. On the inside."
Feel free to use my filthy outbursts as fan fiction story starters!
"That's enough unresolved sexual tension for today, Go. Good work."
Hours later, the two wind up the paperwork, and Chujo calls it a day. Noting the paper cut on Go's hand, he takes him by the wrist in a position that usually can only lead to over-the-shoulder kissing.
"...Careful, I might just come out of nowhere
and bite the shit out of your hand for lulz."
No, wait. Chujo just takes off the band-aid and bites into Go's finger. Despite this actually hurting Go, Chujo claims an Expert "doesn't scar so easily" and begins licking and kissing Go's fingers. I don't know what that's supposed to mean; is it implying he doesn't think Go counts as an Expert of Justice? Go is pretty smart, but when the Experts' powers are showcased in the OVA intro (starting at 1:00), all Go does is cruise across the screen like the Blues Brothers nun.
...Son of a bitch, the doujinshi is one of those.
Go tries squirming out of there, but Chujo just dips his hand down Go's shirt, reminding him that they're the only people in the building. There's a few whispering-in-the-ear panels that come out pretty good, but that gets ruined when Chujo shoves his fingers of his right hand in Go's mouth, and the fingers of his left hand up Go's rectum.
Look, he's clearly not enjoying this, Chief. And I absolutely hate the method of using rape as a plot device in Japanese homoerotica, professional or amateur-made, especially if the vicim is trying to get away the whole time. A violation of privacy and trust is horrible no matter how you look at it, and it's worse with a couple that likes each other, because it's betraying the feelings of the one being assaulted. Yaoi tries to claim the victim wanted sexual interaction but just needed the right motivation, but that's a lie and if you are turned on by the thought of a dude getting raped, get off my site.
I assume this is the polite Japanese way to say "you fucking rapist".
Chujo's response to the above is "It looks that way", followed by grabbing Go's dong. This includes one of the most heartbreakingly-agonizing panels in the doujinshi. Go cries a lot in the OVAs and Chujo's general response is to put it aside, but the fact that he'd continue to do so while violating him makes me nauseous.
The wacky magical unsolicited handjob continues, all the while Yakumo Izumi manages to avoid drawing a dick entirely. In just a few panels, Go climaxes on the side of the desk, and Chujo is only amused. Go falls to his knees, hyperventilating, and Chujo rushes down to continue shoving his fingers up there, despite the fact that Go is clearly unwilling. Chujo is still biting his fingers for no reason, and, uh...licks a certain substance off them at the end of the scene. This is how Go winds up at the end:
Holy shit, I think this is gonna make me cry.
You can put all the messy hearts you want in the speech bubbles, Izumi, but that looks like a scared man who's just been repeatedly violated over the course of thirty minutes. Scene change!
"That, and your robe seems to be stained with jizz."
Ginrei comes back the next morning, where Go has gotten himself cleaned up at some point. She suddenly notices the extra bandages on Go's fingers, and gets irked at his refusal to explain why. She accidentally pulls down his robe, revealing this...
So, does Chujo go through body part biting phases or something?
Ginrei yells "CHIEF!" with an external shot of the building, in a worse "AHAHAHAHA EVERYTHING'S OKAY!" clean-up than the attempted rape scene in Wings of Honneamise. (Lovely movie, but if you have to go through a stack of fan theories to explain an attempted rape scene, you've made a mistake as a director.)
This is the first time I've seen the Chief portrayed as such a selfish bastard, and this doujinshi actually gave me rage at this incarnation of him. It's empty rage, because the Chujo I know in the OVAs isn't like that at all - Go is slightly intimidated by him, yet the Chief is very considering of everything Go says or does - but it's awful someone could even think of writing him like this. If written properly, it can be overwhelming how much the two love each other. In my mind, the verb "tease" in this book's title should not have meant "grab me from behind and jam your fingers up my butt".
Oh, look! An extra story, by Bidou. My supplier told me it was hard to translate, meaning that there's a mysterious lost Japanese pun in it somewhere, but I could care less what the Izumi Gang was trying to tell me at this point.
Out of nowhere, Taisou and Tetsugyu are talking with Daisaku about seeing the Professor and Chief "acting like lovebirds as usual". Daisaku, whom is entirely too young to know about sodomy, calls the Chief out on his "childish" behaviour.
A Clockwork Tetsugyu
This panel is amusing for all the wrong reasons. "Darling Professor Go! I believe it is time for your monthly technical report and my 4:30 rape."
So apparently the two have been "flipping skirts", which is shown a little more consensually, but with too many katakana "bikuu" floating around (this being the sound effect of surprised jolting). Daisaku follows up with this...
Flipping and inserting is illegal in nine states.
The final panel has a shot of Chujo sitting by a cliff calmly with Go's fan sticking out of his forehead, declaring "the boy has a good idea of what the professor wants". Go is discontent in the background, so that's...twice the Professor has been publicly humiliated in this book. And it's a huge shame, because Izumi comes back with two final illustrations of Go and Chujo that are absolutely stunning. And then the back cover continues from the front, with more powder pink and Go's hips and womanlegs.
I just wanna give Go a hug.
You have an option to download the entire doujinshi at the end of this page, but if you choose not to, you can just return to the main page anytime.

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