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Bucky O'Hare: Betcha Never Heard Of Him

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Evreybody likes rabbits...right?

When you hear the phrase "talking animals in space", you think of a really crappy 60's movie or something. But here's something only half as crappy:


I wasn't around for the original run, but I have learned from TVRage.com and YouTube that it was about a talking rabbit and his crew and a human boy who went through space and fought these toad guys. It was based on a comic book from the 1980's that was actually pretty good, but fairly violent. There was also this human boy, Willy, who used this machine to go through dimensions. Look at him:

As well, most of the time the camera was fixated on him. Cripes, It's "Sonic X" all over again.

The Others:

Bucky, himself. Do you see anything wrong with Captain O'Hare? HE IS GREEN. As well, his eyes are hot pink. And with that red & yellow jumpsuit, we have a rabbit that's just like a pack o' Jolly Ranchers.

Jenny the Cat. She had the most generic name. She also had magical powers, and it seems a load of male fans find her attractive, which is pretty creepy. I'll get to that later. She was the ship's pilot. What I find weird is how similar her name is to mine, with one letter off.

Deadeye. He was this gun-wielding duck with one bad eye, four arms, and the passion of a million white-hot burning suns to strangle Willy. A lot of people like Deadeye, and one guy said that he looked like he was the type to smoke cigars, hoot at showgirls and swear. Did I mention he's a four-armed duck?

This is Blinky. He sucks.

This is Bruiser, in a questionable action involving the Toad Marshall. The Toads were these creepy guys who took over planets, sucked out the magma within, and watched questionable TV shows. Some guy had a fan page for them, but I heard it got flamed to the point of extinction.

There were a schnillion other characters, but my hands would get tired to write about them all.

First: You've read a lot of this, and if you watch as many cartoons as I, you'd suspect Bucky and Jenny would be dating, right? 'Cause the Team Hero and the Team Female usually whack in the end, right? Nope, I too, was proved wrong one time I tuned in.

"Oh, real sophisticated, Captain."

I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here. That's Mimi, who was an Animal Air Marshall, got captured, and killed time by standing on tables and acting like a vampire. Jenny is clearly going, "I will fry your skinny little hinder." Nothing new. But something disorderly happened early in the series:


First, JENNY IS TWICE AS OLD AS WILLY. Second, YOU DO NOT BREED A CAT WITH A HUMAN. Do you know what happens when you breed a human with a cat?


Nuff said. On a second subject, I was flipping around when I saw THIS:

"Loonatics Unleashed", which is "Tiny Toon Adventures" on acid. But focus on the duck:

Danger Duck. But wait! Who does he look like?

It IS Deadeye!!

They sound similar. It looks like Deadeye hacked off his extra arms, got laser-eye surgery, and started working with the Loonatics. Maybe everyone is there; Ace is Bucky, Lexi is Jenny, Slam is Bruiser, and Blinky got an organic fitting to be Rev.

Welp, that's pretty much everything I've got about Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars. If you get interested in watching it or something, scour eBay or YouTube. Goodnight.


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