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Manga Review: Astro VS. Atlas

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Anatomically-correct robots, blue men and Astro
Now, I don't mean to bash Osamu Tezuka, nor am I trying. In the early 1980's, a small series of manga debuted in Japan, based on the then-new anime. Unfortunately, Tezuka put in a few "surprises" to appeal to the new generation of male readers, like gross humour and innuendos to breasts. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed to learn of this stuff. At least I'll always have "Princess Knight".
Today's story is based on the rare episode "Astro Fights Atlas", which was basically a street brawl between the characters, two men named Count Guiss and Skunk made Atlas steal stuff, their maid Livian tried to teach Atlas to be good, and Tenma had a really ugly hairstyle. This adaption features only the first four characters, and enough pee "humour" to fill a warehouse.
I think I saw this on Cinemax
We begin with Count Guiss and Skunk finishing Atlas. These men are a donut-lipped man working with a younger man who, in the anime, had blue skin and a blonde bob cut. Here, he doesn't appear to have bones. After less than ten seconds with their new robot, Atlas rips off Guiss's monocle, jams it in the man's mouth, jumps on his back and takes hold of his mustache. Then, Skunk is ordered to teach the boy, and Atlas clamps onto Skunk's face.
If you look very carefully, you'll notice why I was so annoyed at Tezuka. See that nub? Now, it could be either Skunk's nose or a flap of Atlas's loincloth, but I'll be damned if that isn't an old-fashioned PENISH. Why the hell am I reviewing this, anyway?
Why is a robot anatomically correct? Not even Astro has a yoing! One day, Guiss wanted a guard robot, and Skunk got really, really lonely...
Anyway, Atlas dishevels a desk, knocks back a bottle of ink, and spits it around the room. After getting covered in ink, Skunk grabs a clot of iron wool and tries to clean Atlas. The kid seizes the iron wool, and in the most painful image I've seen this month, begins to scrub Skunk through the back of his suit.
And then we get to see Skunk naked from the back, and find out he has the ass of a young girl.
This is for everyone who everyone who wanted to see Skunk's bum for themselves.

Guiss comes back and talks to Atlas, teaching him about Astro Boy and his powers. Atlas flies around outside while Guiss tries to think of an eigth power Atlas could have. Guiss spots a peeing cherub fountain, and decides...

Don't worry Atlas, we're as confused as you are. Oh well, they've already built a penis on him, so it won't need much work. Guiss begins to modify Atlas, and says that "...you'll be able to pee on your enemies while flying overhead, and they'll blow up when hit!" Skunk compares this to a cicada, but I'm pretty sure cicadas don't secrete bombs.


Outside, Astro is looking around for "some bad guys' (...) hideout" when he finds Guiss's castle. He flies closer, and Atlas charges after him. The two clash powers, then fly into the forest and smash over a couple redwoods. Then they just burrow underground and start trying to see who can pull up the most moles. Guiss leans out the window and yells for Atlas to "use your eighth power!" So...


"If someone tries to battle you with a place or in a way that makes YOU feel uncomfortable, that's NO GOOD."

Astro quickly warns Atlas "You're supposed to urinate in a toilet, not on people!" so Atlas flies back into the castle. Skunk and Guiss freak out and head to the door. Atlas blows up the castle, and Astro lands by the rubble and wounded men, confused.
We end off with Atlas wanting to be like Astro, and the boys carrying off Guiss and Skunk, who are bound to a stick. The end. Let's go home, kids.
So, this originally appeared in Shogaku Ninensei magazine, the November 1980 issue. If you're interested in owning it, look for the Dark Horse "Astro Boy" vl. 23, which is in print as I type. This was technically the third in a series of fifteen "new generation" stories, many of which are pretty clean (in the sense of no ass jokes). I'll gladly review another one, called "A Feline Guardian Deity", if you want.
Stay Tuned. While we're here, my apologizes to Tezuka and his millions of fans.
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