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DinoSquad vs. Feather & Fur

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The following is a comparison that I did out of curiosity. I own the characters, plot and settings of only Feather & Fur, and DinoSquad is owned by somebody. However they got my idea is unknown, and it would be damn helpful to know how.
Feather & Fur Dino Squad
Transforms Into various small animals dinosaurs
Leading Male childish 15 year-old boy narssicistic 18 year-old boy
Leading Female sentient 15 year-old girl smart 18 year-old girl
Oldest quiet 17 year-old boy friendly 18 year-old boy
Youngest lonely 10 year-old girl gloomy 17 year-old boy
Team Weapons none multi-use guns and motorcycles
Speaking While Transformed only to other animals can speak to anyone
Guarding Adult(s) three relatives of the team science teacher
Villain deranged man famous scientist
Motive turn everyone into werewolves kill off humans and resurrect dinosaurs*
Henchmen 16 year-old girl & restaurant manager multiple go-men and lab assistants
Name of Transformers The Bestia (Latin for "animal") Dino Squad
Powers Gained By being chosen and rescued by goddess genetic mutation through industrial waste
Will Powers Go Away? yes; after villain is defeated no; altered genetics is for life. LIFE!
* What I found absolutely FASCINATING about this show was Victor Veloci's plan. I know he could turn himself into a dinosaur, but still...he's going to kill off all the humans. HE is a human. This reminds me of in Astro Boy, where Dr. Tenma planned to help the robots kill off 80% of the humans, BUT! He was going to make HIMSELF into a robot, thus saving himself! I know Victor could make a loophole by turning into a dinosaur at the last minute, but he hasn't transformed at all. And that is a shoddy idea, Mr. Veloci. A very shoddy one indeed.
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