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When Fauna Goes Out, pt. 3

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Before I start, allow me to clarifiy that it'll be hard for me to define the exact location of this place. By saying what it's part of, I foolishly reveal my location, bringing in all kinds of horrors.
So let me say just this.
It's a beautiful building.

Of course, you'd have to see it for yourself to experience it fully, but still. Six floors of glimmering glass, plants, paintings and flags.

Here's one that has mystified me since I was young, a 1990 one called "The Court House". It was on the fifth floor, and we would pass it was we rode the elevators. I never got to see it for myself because dad would claim "the building is just full of offices, and we'll get in trouble". But this year, I saw it up close. And didn't get "in trouble".
That's one more childhood dream I've wanted to fufill this year, and I've done so.

And the hallways are so pristine. I've just now gotten to walk in them for myself, and it's like I'm going through the halls of the RobotX Research and Development floor.
And of course, my family is insane, so we decided to explore the place and ride the elevators. The elevators go all the way to the sixth floor, where it gives you the feeling like you're going into the ceiling. So why not watch along? You can hear my suspiciously manly voice for yourself!
Watch for the part where my sister is running up the hall and just barely misses running into that guy.


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