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Day Fourteen

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VINCE: I've been talking to these two for the better part of an hour, and I've found that they were indeed responsible for the various thefts around the calendar. However, they have two accomplices that pulled open one calendar box and were responsible for Ryoji Kaji's dismemberment.
PROFESSOR GO: Oh wow. Did they explain what they look like?
VINCE: They only said they were larger collectible figures, a bit closer to Mr. Fokker's size.
CHIEF CHUJO: I know we've got the open part of the station partially blocked off with a dinette set, but how do we know that'll keep two convicts from getting up and walking away?
VINCE: They'll stay in there because I told them to.
REI: Officer, we have returned with today's gift, and I believe it could be police equipment.
VINCE: What is that, a magnifying glass stuck to a rostrum camera system?
RARITY: We were hoping you could help us on that, actually.
VINCE: It's a...it's...no, that doesn't make any...um.
VINCE: I don't know what the hell is wrong with this calendar.
PROFESSOR GO: Nor do I, officer.

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