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Day Twelve

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REI: And so we have acquired the final piece in our police department building. I'm eager to see the entire thing assembled.
REI: After such a wait, I must say it looks rather pleasant, like a cabin.
PINKIE PIE: It's fantastic! We could build a little back for it and store stuff inside! Maybe even paint it pink and blue!
PYCAL: Hell, it doesn't even fall down easily the way it is now!
PINKIE PIE: Rei, what's wrong? You've been so sad the whole trip!
REI: I am only feeling regret that Mr. Kaji will not be here to enjoy the shack that he helped construct.
PINKIE PIE: But I bet Kaji would want you to enjoy it for him! He helped out so that everybody else could be happy, so don't let it get you down! We'll figure out what happened to him, too, but we've gotta live for a good future!
REI: ...I suppose you're right. That is the best advice a fluorescent horse has given me.
PINKIE PIE: No problem!
PINKIE PIE: Whoa, wait! Is that a homeless guinea pig?!
GUINEA PIG: *squeak*
PINKIE PIE: Come over here! You're gonna be my new best friend now!
PINKIE PIE: You need a bath, homeless guinea pig! And some food! I'm gonna name you Creamsicle because you look like one with a face!
CREAMSICLE: *squeak*
PINKIE PIE: I like you, too!
REI: Do we know where he or she came from?
PYCAL: It wasn't with the gift, so it must be a stray.
PINKIE PIE: A Christmas stray!
????: deueuerhheaarghheehe

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