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Day Nine

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KAJI: The fates have been kind to us once again, and awarded us with a block that's on our height level.
PINKIE PIE: You think it's the rest of the house?
KAJI: I don't know, but asking's certainly not gonna crack this baby open.
PINKIE PIE: I never noticed how deep and dark these calendar boxes are...it's like someone could just squat in them! They smell weird, too...
PINKIE PIE: By the way, it's another bag of people chunks!
KAJI: Ah, nothing warms my heart better than a deconstructed eskimo.
KAJI: So, are you supposed to be some sort of arctic explorer or something?
AXE WILLIS: I prefer the term "winter scouting person", but yes, I am.
KAJI: Do you have a real title?
AXE WILLIS: Yeah, my name's Axe Willis. I travel the arctic in search of feral animals with my trusty two axes.
KAJI: Oh, axes. You don't say.
AXE WILLIS: Hey, give those back! I need those with me at all times!
KAJI: Buddy, we've been through enough, and you can get your axes back after the 25th.
AXE WILLIS: But without them, my name is just false advertising!
KAJI: The last guy we let keep his accessories wound up trying to arrest a horse!
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