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Day Seven

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KAJI: All right, everybody. The fates have been kind to us and set today's block on a height that we can manage.
KAJI: Let's crack it open!
PINKIE PIE: Do we know what this one is?
KAJI: It's a...it's...er...
KAJI: It's got a board and a little helmet thingy, and, uh...it's got some tiles, it's...
KAJI: ...It's a big bag of This Is A Stupid Calendar, that's what.
REI: Mr. Kaji, have any of us previously noted the illustrated guides on each interior flap?
KAJI: We...have those? Maybe it's not so stupid, then.
PINKIE PIE: I'm gonna get this going!
PINKIE PIE: Check it out! It's two presents and a skateboard set! I wonder what's inside these...!
REI: But you are the one who assembled it, Ms. Pie.
PINKIE PIE: What if they're magic, though!
PINKIE PIE: Now they look excellent!
KAJI: They're a perfect addition to the community Christmas tree. Assuming, uh, that someone doesn't make off with them.
REI: I assume that Mr. Chujo will destroy whoever that attempts that.
THE DOCTOR: Don't mind me asking, but would you lot mind if I tried this skateboard out?
REI: Go ahead, but remain within the calendar grounds.
REI: This situation has nothing to do with the current plot. We simply thought you would enjoy it.

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