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Day Six

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CHIEF CHUJO: Go, look! I've finally found a way to sit on this furniture!
PROFESSOR GO: Oh, Shizuo, hopefully we'll have a proper expansion kit soon. Maybe even a proper space to put a bed or fridge...
CHIEF CHUJO: At the very least, if I get a Lego body, this house will be twice as big.
CHIEF CHUJO: I've just found a way to sleep!
PROFESSOR GO: But that's the only large furniture in this kit...where am I going to sleep?
CHIEF CHUJO: On top of me.
PROFESSOR GO: Sh-Shizuo, I--
REI: I wish not to interrupt any mating ceremonies, but our team has acquired a Christmas tree.
PROFESSOR GO: From the calendar? How does it look?
REI: The others enjoy it, but I do not know how to express my feeling on it.
CHIEF CHUJO: Could somebody get me onto my feet?
CHIEF CHUJO: ...That's your Christmas tree?
KAJI: It's kinda cute, huh?
CHIEF CHUJO: Don't you think it's a little too abstract? It's like Picasso was locked in a garage with some solvent and a pine tree.
PINKIE PIE: But if this falls over when someone runs into it, it'll make a nice "ka-tink" noise instead of making a horrific mess!
CHIEF CHUJO: This is embarassing to watch...
PROFESSOR GO: Shizuo, look! Over there!
PROFESSOR GO: That's the team's unfinished shack...do we know how much room it'll have when it's finished?
CHIEF CHUJO: No, but I...oh...I get what you're saying!
PROFESSOR GO: Having it would free up so much space at home, but I know I shouldn't take it if the kids love it so much.
CHIEF CHUJO: Maybe we could write it off as an organizer's tax of some sort...
OFFICER DOUBLECUFFS: Hold still, you tree-dwelling felon scum!
PYCAL: I hate you so much, Officer Doublecuffs!
KAJI: When does Rarity even start to look like a Lego convict?
SHINTARO: If you take this guy apart, can I have his cuffs?
PROFESSOR GO: Now, now, proper trials for all...
PYCAL: But you're denying a man with a fire finger his duties!
ONE-EYED WILLIE: deueuerhheaarghheehe

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