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Day Four

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KAJI: I've, uh, got bad news about yesterday's gift.
CHIEF CHUJO: You haven't lost it, have you?
KAJI: No, it's just...I'm afraid it's an arrest-hungry cop. I had to stop him from arresting Kei Yuki and Athena Asamiya earlier.
CHIEF CHUJO: ...Don't be surprised if I go full grey by the end of this calendar.
OFFICER DOUBLECUFFS: Afternoon, gentlemen!
KAJI: Oh, excellent, he pulled in Lucius Malfoy and some guy from Little Tokyo.
OFFICER DOUBLECUFFS: Can I be an Expert of Justice now?
PROFESSOR GO: Jim, or "officer", you are not fully appointed as a police officer and your "arrests" constitute as harassment.
OFFICER DOUBLECUFFS: But I heard about that loose convict!
SHINTARO MIYAMOTO: You're the worst cop ever!
KAJI: Sssh!
CHIEF CHUJO: Judging by your persistant arrests, how are we not supposed to suspect you as the convict?
OFFICER DOUBLECUFFS: That's why I took precautions!
CHIEF CHUJO: これ、でたらめだ...
SHINTARO: Can I go home now?
REI: Thank you for your assistance with your height, Mr. Fokker. I may appoint you in the future for upcoming gift panels.
ROY: No problem, kid! Anytime you guys need help, call me up.
REI: So I see I have received the outer wall of what potentially could be the police station. In addition, there is a complimentary 1x1 brick. Potentially I could use this as a stylish but fairly uncomfortable footstool.
REI: It comes to my attention that the white piece we lost has been discarded at the other end of the calendar's park. No sign of others entering recently can be found.
REI: I am relieved and disquieted by this development.

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