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Day Two

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PROFESSOR GO: I'm not mad at you for what happened with yesterday's gift.

CHIEF CHUJO: I am profoundly mad.

PROFESSOR GO: I've determined that it won't be impossible to recover it in the next few days; we just need to keep an eye out.

CHIEF CHUJO: Go, it's a tiny man that comes apart!

PROFESSOR GO: I can be depressed by the situation later!

KAJI: We still have that weird white, cylindrical piece, right?

PROFESSOR GO: Unfortunately, no. Pinkie took it home only to have it go missing, but a broken window proves that it must have been stolen.

KAJI: Ouch.

PROFESSOR GO: Which is why I've invited reinforcements in case today's gift goes wrong...

PYCAL: 'Sup.

REI: How is your finger able to sustain a flame without causing searing pain?

PYCAL: Assuming that's not what's going on right now?

CHIEF CHUJO: All right, I'll open it this time...

REI: It is a...bag. Of parts.

KAJI: Are there instructions in there?

CHIEF CHUJO: Nothing at all, just this bag of random pieces!

KAJI: Ah, of course there wouldn't be any instructions! This calendar's like a manufactured kick in the mansack!

REI: Perhaps the professor would be able to assess these pieces for a defined shape.

PROFESSOR GO: Oh Rei, you're right! Everybody step back for a moment...

PROFESSOR GO: Here we go! It's some sort of manually-operated slingshot device!

CHIEF CHUJO: That's my boy!

KAJI: Why would they have this in Lego City...?

PROFESSOR GO: Rei, since you were the one who inspired me to fix this, would you like to test it out first?

REI: Yes.


REI: That was truly remarkable.



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