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Day One

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CHIEF CHUJO: Is everybody ready for this?
KAJI: Sure am, but I don't see why the smallest members of this collection were chosen. 
CHIEF CHUJO: These are Lego figures, not Angels, and frightening any figures as they come out is not our objective. We selected you all to start the project because they'll find you relatable in either size or piece buildup.
PINKIE PIE: I'm one piece! Just like the show!
PROFESSOR GO: This is also a good opportunity for the Chief and I to hunt down unused minifigure pieces for his upcoming body transplant.
CHIEF CHUJO: You do not know what I would do to be able to sit down.
PROFESSOR GO: I understand your pain, dear.
CHIEF CHUJO: Mr. Kaji, seeing as you're the oldest of our selected candidates, you'll be Project Manager. Ms. Pie and her dog will be the lead constructors, and Ms. Ayanami is in charge of gift organization.
KAJI: Kinda nice having a familiar face here, eh?
REI: Yes.
CHIEF CHUJO: Check in later with whatever you find!
PROFESSOR GO: Shizuo, dear lord, let me drive.
CHIEF CHUJO: I'm fine, I've got my knee on the wheel!
KAJI: All right. Just above my head is the first day's box. We have no idea what's going to be inside, so everybody be on guard.
PINKIE PIE: Can we open it now?
KAJI: Certainly. Crack it open, Pinkie.
PINKIE PIE: Hey, it's a bag full of body parts!
REI: And a leaflet.
KAJI: Rei, go assess that paper while Pinkie and I try to put this guy back together. It might have vital information on who he is.
KAJI: You see anything?
REI: It is simply a hand-out advertisement for other building kits. It also depicts a disproportionate amount of urban street crime occuring at once.
REI: There also seems to be an image of a convict stealing a prostitute's purse. I believe my current feeling could be classified as "unnerved".
KAJI: Ha ha, un-NERV-ed!
REI: You are always an amusing member of the team, Mr. Kaji.
REI: I see you have constructed a similar convict.
KAJI: Yeah, it's basically My Little Felon: Armed Assault Is Magic. My heart's just bursting with Christmas Joy.
PINKIE: I'm gonna name him One-Eyed Willie! And look, he came with this white peg!
ONE-EYED WILLIE: deueuerhheaarghheehe
KAJI: Hey, One-Eyed, do you know what the white peg is fo-- oh, damn.
ONE-EYED WILLIE: deueuerhheaarghheehe
KAJI: Well, we've just disobeyed the orders of a man who can blow up robots by punching them. We're doomed.
PINKIE: I'm sure he'll understand!

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