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     Toontown was founded in November 2005 as a branch-off from a Darkwing Duck fansite, which had been ported to Tripod after somebody thought it was okay to respond to a twelve-year-old's hotlinking by changing the photo file links to cartoon porn. Little Fauna mentally aged five years that day, which in the end was excellent preparation for the content of Toontown that was soon to come.

     Fauna is a magical boy who looks like a girl, enjoys bicycles and robotics, and cultivating a Middlesbrough accent. Favourite singers are currently Yasuyuki Okamura and Robert Palmer. Favourite couple is Chief Chujo and Professor Go for complex self-insert reasons. Fauna can be found in the wild on Tumblr.

Name: Fauna
Age: 18
Location: Canada
Orientation: poptart
Occupation: Cashier, comic artist
Cartoon Equivalent: Ryo Saeba

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