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The Ten Worst Things That Happened In Skipper The Robot Kid

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Spanning eighty-six pages from December 2006-2008, Skipper the Robot Kid was my first real attempt at a comic series. I tried really hard. It could have been glorious. But there were a few things going against me from the first day...
  • I didn't fully understand how to write fufilling stories,
  • The self-proclaimed top fan was this much older douchebag who led me in the wrong direction,
  • and I had "intense story" confused with "disturbing imagery and subject matter".

Skipper was an eight year old boy who was supposed to be like Astro Boy if his human self had lived...a car accident left him needing temporary cyborg implants in order to help his muscles and organs run. A mysterious donor gave him a robotic set of armour, he discovered a decade-old robot boy and his younger sister, and they set out trying to stop a deranged man from abusing robots. Would you believe me if I said it was the darkest, sloppiest, most genuinely unsetting story I've ever released?

Sure, it's a trashy story now, but when you sit back and realize an eighth grader produced this vomit, it all gets a little chilling. Hell, by the third page, the story has changed from being about a bunch of kids goofing off, to us witnessing one of them being crushed by a car. Skipper the Robot Kid is one of those things I don't talk about, but when I do, I can't stop. It's that horrible.










2. Jonathon Lewis beats an android girl to the floor with a fire hose

In "The Last Robot", the kids and Skipper's teacher notice Xavier and Jonathon walking into an adult restaurant, so they spy on them and find Jonathon's building a robot doll for his young daughter. His daughter loves the doll, Sally, but Jonathon returns her to Xavier after she throws a boy across the school yard in an attempt to defend her owner. That's where the men realize she's made of highly dangerous discarded robot pieces.


Xavier refuses to return her, so Jonathon decides to throw Sally into a scrapper alive. She reveals that she knows all about how he lead the attack on Robby, and in response, he pulls a fire hose out of the wall and beats Sally with it until she can't stand.

Jonathon does realize a moment later that what he's done is horrible, but Xavier gloats about it, so he punches Xavier. The problem is, Kid Me also planned to have a red-on-black shot of her being beaten, but only cut it because there wasn't enough room for those two or three panels.


1. Skipper almost drowns in industrial waste

This one was very closely tied with the second entry. I chose this one because it's easily the most uncomfortable, nauseating things I've had to look at and realize I made.


In the chapter "Megatox", a robot brain embodies itself with some robot pieces and many litres of industrial waste. It has no origin, but all Xavier and two clients know is that it works like gasoline but is twice as toxic. Megatox the robot snake heads into town with the intention of destroying the power plant as vengeance for being abandoned, but Skipper decides to stop it by himself.


Megatox keeps hurling Skipper into the ground, so Skipper decides to fly straight up it and smash its brain. But Megatox curls up in a ball so Skipper will keep blasting through it in a loop, which he does until he can't hold his breath any longer, succumbs to the waste's causticity, and passes out.


Look at that panel for a moment. That's a fourteen year old girl's rendering of an eight year old boy drowning alone and pained in chemical waste.

Skipper manages to not die, and wakes up in the intensive care unit with burns all over his body. His dad is reasonably pissed at Robby for not doing anything before and while Skipper was dying, and then is forced to leave the room. Skipper, in the meanwhile, receives a new armour suit that covers his whole body, which he probably should have gotten in the first chapter.


Yeah, just look at it one more time.

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