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As you'd know, there's quite a lot of Darkwing merchandise out there. On this page, I hope to showcase everything that is and was available, and any photos or tips are greatly desired!

The Panini sticker book was one of them. You know those randomized sticker packs that they sell in paper packages at the grocery store that you put in certain spots in a special book? Bingo.
Pizza Hut used to give out The Crimefighters Kit, which was pretty much a thin hardback book with a myriad of activities and things to read, a "clue pad", a poster with Tuskernini and his penguins shooting at a building and DW doing nothing but posing, and a plastic cup coated with onomatopaia.
There was a t-shirt available at Hot Topic, and it showed up around the fall or 2007. Now, Hot Topic's run the hell out of them (and they aren't making any more, I'm afraid) but as of writing, a few people are selling theirs online. Here's a picture of the shirt.
Here's a kid's touque, with DW embroidered onto a rather unpleasant jailbird pattern. Do note his orange cheeks.
Toys (the good stuff!)
Here's the set of eight action figures from 1991. Each figure came with two little accessories, and did some kind of action with the flip of a button (Launchpad's head could be spun, Bushroot's things in his head would go up and down, Megavolt's chest plug lit up...). Apparently the second series would have Liquidator, Quackerjack, Negaduck and Morgana (8D) but the series went off air before that.
THINGS TO PONDER: There's a Tuskernini figure...what kid would want a Tuskernini?! Why not a Morgana? And with the lack of a QJ figure (unless you bought the Play-Doh set), the slashers can't put him and Megavolt into suggestive positions...!
The Thunderquack was one of the supplement vehicles. I love how DW has the exact same psycho face in the logo and in the cockpit.
There was a Play-Doh kit released long ago, too. The dough molds were encased in a little cityscape, and there were figures of DW, Megavolt, Launchpad and Quackerjack. I supposed they were like the figures in the "Crazy Barbershop" sets where you pushed the figure down on a tube and dough came out their face or scalp. Ick.
In 1993, McDonalds released a set of the Darkwing gang on weird vehicles. Honker's is, Gosalyn is in a giant bean, and Launchpad & DW need to switch vehicles.
Ladied and gentlemen, THERE IS A DARKWING PLUSHIE. It was a Disney Store exclusive back in the day, so there's a slim chance of it being easily found.
This one is pretty famous, the Double-O-Duck pin. It has DW's prototype design, circa 1988 to 1990. Looks like Donald impersonating Tuxedo Mask to me. If you see this pin anywhere for a good deal, BUY IT. IT'S VERY RARE.
Here's another pin, albeit not as exciting. It's a little hard to find, but larger and made of plastic.
Those crazy French made a Megavolt pin, and the only way you can get it is if you live in Europe and know some good collector shops, or know someone who does. It ain't Megs's best likeness, but that's a fancy logo he's got.
I've heard of a kid's pasta dating back to 1991/1992 that briefly used Darkwing shapes. I'll be damned if someone's still got pictures (or owns a box).

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