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Here we go, some more Darkwing Duck pages! Since 2005, I collected as many sites as I could and put them here. Unfortunately, websites based on 1990's cartoons/anime disappear quite fast, and deleted out of the webmaster's lack of interest or Geocities's 2009 wipeout. Here's the few that still work or have been successfully archived...

The Negapage: This the oldest fan site around that is still updated, by the ever famous Kim McFarland. The main site has many other things, like Reboot and Space Ghost material.


Flapping Terror: Another Tripod site. This place is the largest Darkwing Duck fan site on the internet, and I have some art up here!  

License To Steel: This is the main Steelbeak fan site. I've checked it out, and pretty it's good and devoted. I warn you, some of the fan art isn't suitable for all audiences, so watch where you click.

Toaster The largest Megavolt fan site ever (in memoriam). It's very well put together, with a couple thousand tons of fan media. Unfortunately, Geocities has since deleted all of their sites, so I'm linking to a near-complete archived version now.

St. Canard at Sunset: The site was down for a while, but it's back up again and to stay! This is one of the best fan sites I've been to, and once again, I have some ancient art up here.

The Darkwing Duck RPG: The official online RPG, which is now so dead it's been shot into space. There's some stories in the archive, but every single character ever (including fanmade characters like Posiduck) is taken. I remember claiming the Bunnies in 2005...

The DAFT Archive: The sound, image, art and writing archive section for Darkwing Duck. Contains 1995-era fan art, links, and sound files.

The Darkwing Den: Well, it hasn't been updated since 1998. It's still got some info on DW's German edition and some pro-DW stuff. Back when I put this site up, only 2/13 links on the link page worked! (Now, presumably none of them.)

Quackerjack's Toy Tower: The largest Quackerjack fansite. It's large and very nice, but sort of unavailable most of the time on the archive database.

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