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September 8, 2006: HOLEEEE, has is been a month? Well, I'd just like to say I got my DVDs ['Water Way To Go' has the crappiest animation I've seen yet] and so...this site is peacefully finished. Nothing more to add. [Except for Steelbeak's profile, and I don't exactly wanna go scrambling for a picture of him] Well, it's been a great year [Darkwing Duck is now as old as Sonic the Hedgehog! COOOOL.] and the site is done, and thank you readers for coming here when you could.
August 25, 2006: Oi! Nice to see you guys. I'm going to shut down construction on the site for a while [GASP!] But you can be sure I'll buy those DVDs and you can always reach me at Yahoo. BTW today's construction was to downsize the immense letters on the front page advertising Hot Spells On Youtube.
July 4, 2006: My record is: A few unfinished DW stories, one finished Sonic the Hedgehog story, one unfinished Great Mouse Detective story, and a planned DuckTales story that I never wrote. I've just added this month's Story of the Month. If I have room, I'll make a page with my other stories.
June 23, 2006: Ugh. I JUST realized that several times in this month's story Batty refers to Bushroot instead of Megavolt, so i went back and fixed it. As well, Merchandise Hunter Tip #2: Stuff can be found in the WEIRDEST places. Today was the school carnival and my mother and I worked at Fish Pond for half an hour [You know, you put a little fishing rod over a wall and someone puts a toy in your basket?] and just before Mom's shift I took a turn and the bag of toys looked like crap, and my brother yells, "Hey, Jenna, I think you got a Megavolt!" And when I went over and sat with him, THERE WAS THE MEGAVOLT TOY! Now, I'm not saying you should run out to your local Fish Pond outlet, but look for toys in random places. All for now! Have a great weekend.
June 21, 2006: Today's the longest day of the year! Hi, I had to edit from the school computer during Free Computer Time. Many of the links on here opened new windows [Pop-ups] so I had to fix them. Merchandise update: I went to a little antique store called We May Have It and I found a toy Webby and a toy Launchpad! [Merchandise Hunter Tip #1: Look in independant collectable stores.] P.S. I'll be gone for the rest of the summer after July 14, so on the 10th I'll put up two stories for the monthly story page.
June 16, 2006: I added this page about how to look for books and stuff. I felt like writing something, so I did. I finally made that 'Story of the Month' page of mine, but I haven't written a new story in ages and the latest project was a new picture I made. [See on the Flapping Terror site under 'Jen C.']
June 9, 2006: Okay, the SatAM button's gone. Sorry.
June 5, 2006: Hi, readers! Three things:
1) I found a copy of the DW picture book 'The Darkest Night' at a local bookstore.
2) Please ignore the icon at the bottom of the main page. I have interest in a few other cartoons, even the old Sonic SatAM. Thank you, please do not complain about said icon. I don't have any other website [For the time bein'] to put it on.
3) Apparently 'Audubon' is the last name of a famous painter who painted various animals and nature scenes. The More You Know...
Well, that's all for the time being. I've got another site on the way, so you won't have to look at the Sonic & Sally icon, dear reader. Be good to yourselves until then, okay?
June 2, 2006: Wahoo!! If you go to this site, you'll see in the fan art section I have MY OWN art up! [But I sent that last summer, and I signed letters as 'Jen C.', my real name. Please, take a look at the pics!! Have a good summer, folks!
                                                    ~Jen C.
May 19th, 2006: Well, hi again! I added new screengrabs, but I only got them from the previously mentioned MVG clip. [P.S. The book came in the mail.]
May 11, 2006: Hi, folks! First post of May- I wish I had posted a while ago. Anyway, I have the news that I found a clip of 'My Valentine Ghoul' on YouTube [My brother and I got a kick out of it], I found a copy of the book 'Clean Money' at a yard sale, and I've ordered a copy of 'CARTOON TALES: Darkwing Duck: Capes and Capers' over the 'Net and it should come soon! [Man, I need a scanner. Maybe the school's one...] Hopefully, I'll scan some stuff for you all, dear readers. 'Til then, have a great day! [Or night, depending on where you live]
April 23, 2006: Well, I finally got the camera working again, yay!The new screengrabs are up now, but the TV has glare from the window, and some of the pics are a little crummy...but hey. I'll try to fix them.
April 21, 2006: Hi, everybody! The latest info on the Darkwing DVD's came out, so I put out the link. It's under the picture.
Well, I haven't had a spare morning to myself eversince I took a flyer route [you deliver flyers to people]. It's hours-long work, a dog nearly broke through a window to kill me [more on that in my TVrage blog] but it pays off. [I get paid in May, I found 6 cents on the road, so my father says the job's already paying off, and I got ideas for future fanfics while walking around.] I was trying to fix the episodes, but something is going on within Tripod and it won't update...I'll try again later.
April 8, 2006: Hi! I've been gone a short while (no progress with that darned camera) but I've been planning a new page. Like, a 'fiction of the month' thing where I post one of my fan-stories on the page for a month, then a new one comes up the following month. And I added a picture to the 'About this site' page. Yes, that is me. Stay tuned for the fan fiction page! It should be out by tomorow. :)
April 3 2006: I hope all of you had a good April Fools Day, but didn't get tricked! Now, I have new screengrabs, but there's been a problem with the digital camera (some moron deleted the camera program off the computer) and I'll have to fix it. But hey, stay tuned!
[If you have any help for the JamCam digital camera system, please send it here.]
March 18 2006: Hi, kids. Sorry I haven't been on the computer lately- school and life are getting ahead of me. Anyway, I can't wait for the Darkwing DVDs to come out! (I forsee....mid-June.) And I will add some 'Darkly Dawns The Duck' screengrabs soon. I promise. :)
March 6, 2006: Hi, folks! Just been fixing up the 'About this site' page. If I ever find a scanner, I plan to put up A LOT of scanned stuff. By the way, check out the new comic review in the 'Book Reviews' page, coming soon. (What I mean is, the whole darn page is coming soon.)
Throughout February: Changed the background, fixed a few ALT tags, and added the link to the DVD info site. See you in a month.
January 21 2006: Last update until March. Not updating until March 1st. [That's my birthday, as well] I have a life too, you know. And the site's pretty much okay. I have too many things going on in my real life- School, Leisure and Chores.
See ya.
January 17 2006: Added more screengrabs.
January 16 2006: Changed the templates on the book reviews and guestbook. Added a better navigation to the front page. Changed the design on the Links page. And changed the site title from 'Audobon Bay Bridge' to just 'The Bridge'. I may change it back.
January 13 2006: FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH! Anyway, I broke the hiatus. Added all the episodes and a new an' improved screengrabs page- In living colour!
January 12 2006: I added some more episodes and changed Morgana's picture in the profile. The old one made her look insane.  [I came up with this little series of fanfics about the DW characters as kids. I'll post a story and some pictures, maybe bring back my Fan Crap page.] And now:
To the site visitors:
Thank you all for actually coming here. Nobody comes here anymore, possibly because I'm afraid of Steelbeak- I received exactly 8 complaints. I am now on a short HIATUS, two weeks to be exact. Do not expect new stuff until January 20th. I'd rip off my face for site visitors here. And I'm out here organizing my crud and nobody visits, either to check what I'm whining about now or how many episodes I haven't added yet. So, farewell for a while, and hope to see you all again.
January 11 2006: Nobody ever comes here. This site is alone and wasting away. I'm sick of taking up space on the internet. I think I might close down. Maybe add a few more things, then close down, I don't know. Somebody help me on this.
January 10 2006: I got rid of the Screengrabs and Writing page because they were embarrassing. My stories aren't good and my own screengrabs sucked. I need a better camera.
January 8 2006: Me again. I added a nice little note under the WebRing thingy. I'm thinking about adding a guestbook. (Has anybody noticed something about Kim McFarland's fan character, Essobee. His name sounds a LOT like S.O.B. I just figured that out. Am I the first person?)
Later that day: Guestbook added. Also another review for the book reviews.
January 6 2006: Added notes to the Writing Page and Screengrabs Page. Now, my New Year's resolution is to be on Site Builder less. There won't be as many updates this year.
December 31 2005: Added a few reviews and a page called 'about the site' that tells why I started this up. Happy New Year! 
December 30 2005: Added some reviews to the Book Reviews page.
December 28 2005: The page 'book reviews' has been added.
December 24 2005: I added the page 'Screengrabs'. Merry Christmas! 
December 22 2005:
Sorry. The link to 'Here' in the update below is gone.
December 17 2005: Added the page 'Merry Christmas', which can be found here.
December 15 2005: Added this page. I got rid of my Beetleduck story, because it's not finished. And I changed the design on the background. Also added 15 episodes. 
November 19 2005: Go to the Liquidator's fan art section at St. Canard At Sunset. Scroll down. See something? Yes, that's my computer picture! (And I ask myself, why on earth did I put my real initials in the corner?)
October 11 2005: We have officially opened!

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